Rail Access & Inspection Platforms

GRP Modular Access Systems for Maintenance Areas

Dura Modular Access Systems for Rail Environments>

Dura Composites offer a range of Modular Access Systems for trackside and maintenance area use and for other vulnerable working areas in the rail industry.

The Fibreglass Pultrusion Access Platforms provide exceptional strength, toughness and consistency. Fibreglass built access platforms offer a number of advantages over traditional materials such as steel, aluminium and timber and their use is increasing across a wide range of applications and industries. The almost infinite variety of possible profiles allows a high degree of design freedom. Tailored properties such as strength, stiffness, weight and colour can be engineered by product design at the early stages of development.

Composite Access Structures

Heavy Duty, Maintenance-Free, Corrosion Resistant Composite Structures

Dura Access & Inspection Platforms as a Strong Alternative to Traditional Materials

Weighing up to 80% less than steel and 30% less than aluminium, Dura Composites’ Modular Access Systems offer the equivalent performance for considerably less weight.

This results in major savings including lower installation costs due to more economical transportation, handling and on-site positioning. The high strength to weight ratio has particular relevance for many applications, including walkways, sub-floor platforms, bridges, aerospace components, structural applications, cooling towers, waste water treatment.

Versatile and Durable Solutions from Dura

GRP is an Ideal Alternative Construction Material to Steel, Aluminium, Timber and Concrete

Dura’s Composite Modular Access Systems Add Extra Strength to Your Project

On a weight to weight basis, fibreglass pultrusions are stronger than structural steel. By varying the type and orientation of the reinforcements, various mechanical properties can be obtained and tensile strengths in excess of 1000 MPa are achievable. Considerable design freedom can be gained by the capability of adding extra strength in highly stressed areas. The excellent impact strength can reduce damage potential caused by accidental collisions.

Panel Thickness and Mesh Size Information

Dura Grating is available in Standard Mesh, Mini Mesh and Micro Mesh versions for maximum versatility. Dura Grating is a market leading fibreglass grating solution which is designed to withstand the harshest of industrial and commercial environments. GRP Dura Grating requires little or no maintenance and its lightweight nature makes it easier to handle and install than metal gratings.

Dura Composites offers a bespoke cut to size service prior to delivery for quick and easy install or if you prefer, our GRP grating can be cut on site using standard power tools with a diamond tipped blade. Dura Grating has one of the highest degrees of slip-resistances ever measured for a walking surface especially in wet, oily and icy conditions and is a suitable surface for rail walkways, crossings, stair tread projects, refuge platforms, access structures and much more.

British Standard Slip Resistance test results for structures fitted with fibreglass grating walkway stair tread surfaces

The B.S. 4592 test was devised to test and assess the slip resistance of industrial type flooring, intended for use in water and wet areas. A co-efficient of friction (CoF) is calculated by determining the mean angle of inclination that an operator can safely maintain when the flooring is subjected to a continuous stream of water.

Dura Composites offers you a very high quality and versatile product range and our products are regularly tested – passing recognised international and national standards.

Angular Quartz is integrally bonded to the top surface of our FRP gratings, which produces an extremely hard-wearing surface that greatly enhances the anti-slip properties & durability of the grating product.