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    The next generation composites for infrastructure.

    Designed, developed and available exclusively from Dura Composites, our d² range of products offer significant enhancements over other composite solutions available on the market.

    Not all composites are created equal, that’s why we never stop challenging ourselves to innovate, improve and exceed expectations. Many years ago we set ourselves the challenge of making composites the mainstream material of choice for every project where they’re suitable. Having achieved this, we’ve gone a step further and are dedicated to helping companies of all sizes unlock the power of composites with our unique range of performance-improving products.

    With 19 patents and 139 design registrations, we’re striving to create the most ingenious products that offer substantial improvements over both traditional materials and other composite products, across every product line we sell.

    Welcome to our d² range

    Through a careful combination of design, technology, and manufacturing improvements, we’ve created a unique range of products that produce up to 33% less carbon, whilst also being 33% lighter. Take a look at some key products:

    • d² GRP Grating

      d² Dura Grating is a patented GRP grating series with incredible structural performance but less embodied carbon. This industry-leading, class B fire-rated grating is lightweight and easy to handle, making installation faster and more cost-effective.

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    • d² Structural Profiles

      We’re revolutionising industry with our d² Dura Profile GRP structural beam sections. On average they exceed the challenging E23 Grade by an astounding 50%, boasting a superior strength-to-weight ratio and a 60-year design life. In real terms, this means that when you choose d², you can opt for profiles that are either twice as strong or 1/3 smaller when compared to GRP competitors.

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    • d² Dura Slab

      d² Dura Slab has twice the strength of any GRP slab competition, which means twice the span ability. These greater spans mean half the amount of substructure is needed, therefore lowering CO2. Class B fire rated, with durable gritted surfaces, they maintain up to 97.5% anti-slip performance after 1 million footfalls.

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    We remove carbon without compromising performance.

    We’re driven by a clear vision to solve even the most ambitious infrastructure problems in a sustainable way for our clients. Our d² range of GRP products offer the same great performance you expect from Dura Composites but with less embodied carbon, to boost the sustainability of your infrastructure projects and support the industry’s net-zero goals.

    Not only have we saved over 5 million kgs of CO₂ through our d² product innovation so far, but we’ve also embarked on a project to recycle all our GRP. If you have GRP waste materials from your on-site installation, or if your Dura product is end of life – it will be repurposed into the production of new materials at our UK HQ.

    Pushing the boundaries of composite materials.

    At the heart of our d² innovation lies a commitment to clever design engineering that adds value to projects, pushing the boundaries of what composite materials can achieve. All of our d² products are subjected to rigorous in-house testing and advanced data modelling. These investigations allow us to truly understand how our products will perform across a wide spectrum of applications and industries. We don’t leave performance to chance; we engineer it into every product.