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    Riser Voids

    Our patented, steel-supported GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) Riser flooring system will help you take the hassle out of Risers and is designed for all construction stages and methods. Known as the d² Dura Riser System, it eliminates the risk of falling from height because the void is covered at the exact moment of installation, and services can be cut in situ without the need for costly removal of cover plates or adjustment to the support.

    Eliminates the risk of falling from height.

    Our bespoke first-class safety, riser solutions on new builds or refurbishments together with our highly experienced team offer a tried and tested one-stop-shop for Riser safety – including design, material supply & install. Using the d² Dura Riser system, services can be cut in situ without the need for costly removal of cover plates or adjustment to the supports.

    As well as offering the most comprehensive patented product range on the market, we pledge to do the necessary preparation to ensure that your riser project price avoids unwanted and unplanned extra costs for variations and hindrances thanks largely to our experienced and effective Site Supervisors, supported by our own PAYE staff for assured project delivery and continuity.

    Unlike competitor solutions, there is no need to cut service holes ahead of time or to crane heavy framework into position, and the system is infinitely adjustable to allow for millimetre by millimetre changes. All components of the Dura Riser solution are also suited to manual handling and can be easily adapted for use with unusual substrates.

    Safety or Warranty


    No risk of cutting supports, fire-rated, small mesh holes and anti-slip

    Unlike competitor GRP framework solutions, there’s no risk that our supports can be accidentally cut during the fitting of services.



    Purpose-designed for Risers, to exactly the criteria we know you need

    Up to 33% lighter than other GRP grating, d² Dura Grating is safer to transport, install and lift than other products on the market.



    33% less embodied carbon AND we’ll recycle it for you

    We design our products with the environment in mind, making clever design and engineering choices that remove carbon.

    In-house Design


    We’ll reduce your build costs and deliver a measurable impact on sustainability

    Building lighter and smarter with less material is a proven way of saving money and reducing embodied carbon.

    Defining the best approach for your Riser Voids

    Void Status

    ​​Q: Will the risers be installed before or after the void is formed?

    A: This will determine whether you need our pre-formed or post-fixed solution.


    ​​Q: Will there be service cut outs required?

    A: You can choose from pure safety flooring or a fully coordinated solution.

    Platform Height

    ​​​​Q: What is the preferred finished height of flooring?​

    A: We can work to either solid slab level (SSL) or finished floor level (FFL).


    ​​Q: What are the load and deflection requirements?​

    A: Does your project require Point Load or UDL and to what deflection?

    Grating Type

    ​​​​​Q: How much activity will there be under the riser flooring?

    A: The activity type will determine if you need Solid, Mini or Standard grating to adhere to standards.

    Process Options

    ​Q: Will the materials be put together off-site?

    A: We offer supply-only or a full contract installation service using our PAYE staff for continuity.

    Assembly Methods

    ​​Q: Will the materials be cut or drilled off-site?

    A: If you’re working to modular construction methods we can supply pre-fabricated or pre-cut for you.


    ​​Q: Might your services be subject to adjustments?

    A: Our system is easily adjustable without the worry of added costs to accommodate M&E changes.


    Find out how our market-leading composite products and applications are reshaping the industry.

    Preserve your 2-hour burn time with the

    d² Dura Riser Fire ConnXtion

    If the fire strategy in your risers make install a challenge, we have a high-performance solution that will make for a secure install and preserve your fire protection. We’ve developed a way to connect our system through firewalls, and can work with your fire stop designers to provide an interface to secure our system within your existing strategy.

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      Free CPD Events

      If you’re a principal contractor, our CPD can help you identify and mitigate potential risks in your projects, particularly for high-rise constructions. If you’re a designer or engineer, we can help you gain knowledge on how best to design safe and durable walkways, access structures and other structural items using the most sustainable GRP and composite product range in the industry.

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      If you prefer not to install yourself, we have a dedicated Installation Team with the necessary qualifications and experience to make sure your project is speedy, efficient, and hassle-free. Our GRP installation team members are IPAF and PASMA qualified, and our Site Managers receive superb feedback on their professionalism and dedication. Our installation services include riser void coverings, high rise balconies and fabrications.

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      d² Dura Riser System

      Dura Composites is the leading designer, manufacturer and installer of steel-supported GRP riser flooring systems…

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      d² Dura Grating

      Designed, developed and manufactured by Dura Composites, unique d² Dura Grating offers a 33% weight…


      Our Specialists

      Our innovative recyclable products can help accelerate the construction of critical infrastructure. Talk to our experienced team about how you can tap into our specialist knowledge and engineering capability for your project.