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    Accelerate project delivery with our professional installation service.

    If you prefer not to install yourself, we have a dedicated Installation Team with the necessary qualifications and experience to make sure your project is speedy, efficient, and hassle-free. Our GRP installation team members are IPAF and PASMA qualified, and our Site Managers receive superb feedback on their professionalism and dedication. Our installation services include riser void coverings, high rise balconies and Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) fabrications.

    We offer a turnkey solution for our riser void fall protection solutions. Our riser installation team are fully equipped and trained to install our safety solutions on high-rise new builds, refurbishments and civil infrastructure projects. We ensure that your M&E requirements are factored in at the specification stage to save you time and money. We’ll ask the right questions right at the outset of the project, checking for example whether the risers will be installed before or after the void is formed, whether you need the materials to be cut or drilled off site, and when your service cut outs will be required.

    For existing balconies and terraces that are no longer compliant with building regulations due to the ban on combustible materials, we can help you achieve compliance with the updated safety requirements using our own dedicated specialist in-house installers of our Dura Deck Inspire porcelain and Dura Deck Aluminium decking systems for balconies, terraces, and walkways.

    If you’ve commissioned us to design and manufacture a GRP access structure, our services extend to professional installation. The cost of our installation service is determined by factors such as the project’s location and complexity, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our high rise team to discuss any aspect of your installation requirements.

    Dura Riser Installation Steps

    Riser_Collecting Info

    1 | Collect Information

    Information on voids and location services will be collected by issued drawings or by measure via a site survey where safety, access and equipment requirements will also be identified.

    Riser_Install Drawings

    2 | Installation Drawings

    Install drawings will be drafted to identify the voids to be covered, the finished height and the placement of supports required to ensure the flooring is adequately reinforced.

    Riser_Setting Out

    3 | Setting Out

    The void will be measured from corresponding datums or gridlines, and then carefully marked to enable an accurate installation.

    Riser_Install Supports

    4 | Install Supports

    The Dura Riser Framework is installed into the substrate of the void using approved fixings. Support will be offset by the thickness of the grating to allow the correct finished height.

    Riser_Install Grating

    5 | Install Grating

    The Dura Riser grating will be cut to size and rested upon the supports, then clipped down to prevent uplift.

    Riser_Cut Out Support

    6 | Cut Out for Services

    If your installed Dura Riser flooring solution has reached the next project stage, our experienced team are on hand to assist and ensure the structural integrity of your riser isn’t compromised when the mechanical and electrical services are added.

    Our Specialists

    Our High Rise specialists have the best system in the industry for Riser void safety – including design, material supply, and installation.