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    Anti Slip Surface

    Maintains 97.5% of its slip resistance after 1.1 million footfalls.

    Money Pound

    Saves Project Costs

    Eliminate the need for costly RRVs or heavy lifting equipment.


    Cuts Install Time

    Efficiencies of Dura Platform can cut install time by up to 65%.

    No more “Mind the Gap” thanks to Dura Platform.

    Described as “game-changing” by industry experts, Dura Platform, a Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) station platform solution, has garnered multiple awards, including a Queen’s Award for Innovation. Its installation efficiency, (cutting platform setup time by up to 65%), benefits passengers by allowing quicker station re-access and reduces labour costs for rail contractors.

    Bringing stepping distances back into compliance.

    The modular pultruded platform sections come in 40mm and 100mm thicknesses providing clear spans of up to 3.4m. The walking surface features a gritted tri-tone anti-slip finish tested to over a million footfalls, reducing the likelihood of slips, trips and falls.

    • Dura Platform 40 is widely used as a refurbishment solution in situations where the gap between platform and train has increased out of gauge and for new build stations which may require future rapid adjustment to suit new rolling stock.
    • Dura Platform 100 is used as a platform extension system to help add passenger capacity and is lauded for its ability to reduce the substructure work and associated material costs.

    Versatile and fully adjustable.

    When installed with interim offsets, the X and Y of Dura Platform can be fully adjusted in a matter of hours if needed. Underslung services can be easily introduced in accessible locations with hatch access for simplified Mechanical and Electrical maintenance and installation. The GRP platform panels can also be specified with an integral heating system to keep platforms free of snow and ice in extreme weather conditions.

    Both Dura Platform systems not only remove the cost and disruption of installing concrete platforms, but also stand the test of time with a design life of 60 years and a full recycling programme from Dura Composites at end of use.

    Dura Platform 40

    Dura Platform Coper 40

    Dura Platform 40 Coper Panel

    Dura Platform Tactile 40

    Dura Platform 40 Tactile Panel

    Dura Platform Intermediate 40

    Dura Platform 40 Intermediate Panel

    Dura Platform 40 is suitable to enable the re-gauging of existing platforms to meet PTI requirements by overlaying onto existing structures, or for extension and refurbishment of steel and concrete trestle systems. This innovative modular system is an approved product on Network Rails infrastructure list and meets specifications for composite platforms – spanning up to 1.5 m. This product was selected because it can be moved into position without heavy equipment, reducing cost and overall installation time.

    The key benefits of Dura Platform 40 are the cost, weight, and modular install methodology advantage. Suitable for overlays & Re-Gauging with Anti-Slip Surface tested to BS 7976 (Patent No GB 2 523 381). Achieves a clear span of 1500mm with a 5kN UDL at L/300 deflection. Weight per m² = 35.55kg.

    Dura Platform 100

    Dura Platform Coper 100

    Dura Platform 100 Coper Panel

    Dura Platform Tactile 100

    Dura Platform 100 Tactile Panel

    Dura Platform Intermediate 100

    Dura Platform 100 Intermediate Panel

    Dura Platform 100, which spans up to 3.4m can be used for platform extensions, replacements or new builds. The product can even be specified with integral LED lighting to provide additional safety at the track edge. It is available in a range of surface finishes to match existing surroundings and have an anti-slip surface which is crankable to allow easy water drainage.

    Dura Platform Options


    • Available in both single or double lighting strips in white, blue or other colours, the Dura Platform LEDs present no trip hazard. Safe and visible, the LED strips are low maintenance, have low overall running costs and have an instant aesthetic impact, making platforms appear lighter and brighter.


    • Dura Platform can be specified with an integral heating system to keep platforms free of snow and ice in extreme weather conditions. This innovative system removes the need for cost-intensive snow and ice clearing, whilst at the same time increasing platform safety for station users.


    • Underslung services can be easily introduced in accessible locations with hatch access for simplified Mechanical and Electrical maintenance and installation.

    Trash Screens

    • Our screens can be easily added to help reduce debris build up under the platform structure which could become a fire hazard. Made from our GRP Dura Grating and Profile, they are suitable for both new build and platform refurbishments, and also help assist with rodent control.

    Tactile Surface

    • We recommend the market leading tactile solution from Viztek Ltd, the only company in the UK that both manufacture and install surface mounted tactile paving, providing a one stop shop. When combined with Dura Composites’ platform, footbridge and walkway products, the tactiles offer an ideal solution for navigation and disability routes.


    Advanced Tri-Tone Grit

    Dura Composites’ Tri-Tone gritted surface offers superior durability and performance for high-traffic areas and blends with a range of surroundings. Independently tested (in accordance with BS 7976-2:2002+A1:2013), Tri-Tone maintains a fantastic 97.5% of its original slip resistance after 1.1 million footfalls & delivers an 8% increase in slip resistance in wet conditions vs. our previous generation Dura Platform and Dura Slab Structural Stair Tread and Landing surface.

    Our Services

    Our specialist services empower architects, engineers, project managers, and designers to design, specify and deploy composite products with ease. Our CAD, Structural Design and Fabrication teams support our customers make data-driven decisions about the right product specifications for their projects.

    Our installation consultation services include:

    • Pre-Installation Support, Training & Toolbox Talks
    • Contract Installation
    • Drone & Laser Scanning
    • Day 1 Installation Support
    • Site Visits & Snagging Assessments
    • Final Inspection & Sign Off

    Other value-added services available at any project stage include Design & Engineering, Fabrication, Preventative Maintenance Inspections and Specialist Cutting.

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