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    d² GRP Grating

    GRP Grating with the same great performance but lower carbon.

    d² Dura Grating is a patented GRP grating series with incredible structural performance but less embodied carbon. Designed, developed and available exclusively from Dura Composites, our fibreglass grating range is manufactured for maximum performance, achieving an industry-leading Class B fire rating in accordance with BS EN 13501-1.

    Our market-leading GRP flooring designs offer low slip potential in both dry and wet weather conditions, while their state-of-the-art composition ensures maximum safety tested to over one million footfalls. We have developed a whole range of GRP/FRP Grating products to suit a number of application requirements – each ranging in mesh size, resistance and price, all offering outstanding safety, performance and durability but with up to 33% less embodied carbon to boost the sustainability of your walkway project.

    Regardless of your needs, you’re guaranteed durable, hard-wearing GRP flooring that adheres to all health and safety requirements. What’s more, our grating products are lightweight and easy to handle, making installation faster and more cost-effective. They also require little to no maintenance over the course of their life-cycle, ensuring a non-corrosive, slip-resistant surface for years to come.

    3D Model: d² Dura Grating Standard Mesh

    The d² difference

    Dura Grating is part of our d² range of enhanced performance products.


    Unique design enhances safety

    d² Dura Grating is highly engineered fire-rated, non-conductive, non-corrosive flooring. Small mesh holes throughout the range meet 20mm and 35mm Ball Fall tests. Gritted anti-slip surfaces maintain 95% performance even after one million footfalls, showcasing exceptional durability.


    Unrivalled performance-to-weight ratio

    Because we’re up to 33% lighter than alternative GRP grating with no loss of performance, you can use lighter or smaller products to reduce your project scale. You can design and specify with confidence, ensuring the strongest and most cost-efficient product combination for your specific load and deflection needs.


    Delivering sustainable change

    Our patented GRP grating designs use less raw material without compromising strength or performance, resulting in carbon savings of up to 33% versus competitor products. We’re also the only company able to provide the option to repurpose your product at the end of its use, making us the greenest choice.


    All the data you need, instantly

    We freely share our material science insights online so you can make factual comparisons of d² products versus steel, wood or other GRP and conveniently see how our products perform – based on fact not guesswork. We also have a measurable impact on sustainability as d² has already saved almost 5 million kilograms of CO2.

    Our d² Grating Range

    d² Dura Grating can be applied in all industries where GRP mesh grating is used today and encapsulates a high strength to weight ratio, safe anti-slip surface and a unique patented and design-registered design.

    • Standard Mesh

      Our most popular and versatile GRP grating. With 33% less weight and embodied carbon than competitor standard mesh grating, d² Dura Grating standard mesh is significantly lighter than traditional materials like steel, making it easier to handle, transport, and install. Available in thicknesses of 26mm, 38mm and 50mm it creates safer environments for platforms, walkways, flooring, ramps and covers.

      • 33% less embodied carbon than competitor products
      • Retains 95% of slip resistance after 1 million footfalls
      • Thickness options include 26mm, 38mm and 50mm


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    • Mini Mesh

      d² Dura Grating GRP mini mesh provides a stable and slip-resistant surface for areas of pedestrian foot traffic such as riser voids, gantries, raised walkways, rooftops and marinas. The small hole sizes promote efficient drainage while providing a secure footing that’s easy to navigate. Our d² Dura Grating 45mm and 55mm Mini Mesh are also the only products on the market to achieve 20mm Ball Fall test compliancy whilst catering for wider spans.

      • Prevents small objects falling through
      • Retains 95% of slip resistance after 1 million footfalls
      • Thickness options include 23mm, 30mm, 35mm, 45mm and 55mm


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    • Solid Top

      Choose d² Dura Grating Solid Top when your situation demands a strong and durable covered GRP grating with no light transmittance or drainage required below. The solid surface of this GRP flooring prevents objects or debris from falling through, and the anti-slip surface is tested to over a million footfalls, maintaining ultra-low slip potential. Thickness options include 29mm, 41mm, and 53mm.

      • Solid walkway surface
      • Higher opacity than traditional mesh
      • Prevents passing of debris


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    • Micro Mesh

      d² Dura Grating GRP micro mesh has all the benefits of our mini mesh grating but with an even smaller open mesh area to facilitate the smooth movement of wheeled vehicles and equipment and to provide the most shoe-friendly option available. The finer gritted surface is a practical choice for creating safe access points in environments such as marinas and leisure facilities and allows for excellent slip resistance and efficient drainage while preventing small objects from falling through.

      • Our most pedestrian-friendly grating
      • Finer gritted surface ideal for leisure facilities
      • Excellent debris defence


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    • Rectangular Mesh

      Our d² Dura Grating rectangular mesh efficiently caters to narrow trench spans and achieves Class B125 in accordance with EN 124. The increased open area enhances light penetration and drainage, making it ideal for GRP trench and trough cover applications in the energy and utilities sectors. Pre-tapered edges ensure easy compatibility with precast concrete utility troughs, simplifying installation and removal.

      • Suitable for Class B125 applications
      • Thicknesses of 50mm (open) or 53mm (covered)
      • Pre-tapered edges for instant trough compatibility


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    • Pultruded

      Dura Composites’ pultruded GRP grating is a durable, non-corrosive alternative to metal grating safety flooring, ideal for areas with frequent impact and wide spans. Efficient under heavy loads, it features high-quality pultruded load bars connected by tie bars, delivering unidirectional strength and stiffness. It’s particularly suitable for industrial, rail, chemical, nuclear, and power and energy applications.

      • Thicknesses of 38mm, 50mm, 63mm and 100mm
      • Efficient at heavy loads with wider spans
      • Impressive unidirectional strength and stiffness


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    The versatility of our GRP grating, its low embodied carbon and long design life, makes it a preferred choice for diverse structural applications.

    Not sure which grating to choose?

    Take the guesswork out and make instant, safe and accurate choices about which GRP grating product is best for your project. Interrogate the performance of our composite gratings in real-world scenarios by specifying your preferred product surface type (standard mesh, mini mesh or covered), clear span dimension, type of load, max load requirement and allowable deflection criteria (measured as a proportion of the span i.e. L/200 or 0.5%). Harness the transformative power of data today.

    GRP Material Data Analysis Tool


    Find out how our market-leading composite products and applications are reshaping the industry.

    Testing & Certification

    We can help you make data-driven decisions about the right product specifications for your projects and we consider all aspects within our composite product design, including aesthetics, usability, lifecycle, cost and efficiency. We’ve invested heavily in real world testing and analysis and present a range of technical information here to help ensure you get a perfect match for your needs.

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    GRP grating, also known as FRP grating, is a type of industrial flooring made from a composite material of resin and glass fibre. GRP grating is strong, durable, and lightweight, making it a popular choice for applications that require high-strength, corrosion-resistant, and anti-slip properties.

    Yes, GRP grating can be cut to size using standard cutting tools such as saws and grinders. The exact process will naturally depend on how thick the grating is, and what tools are being used. Our Dura Grating can be supplied in full stock panels or pre-cut to your exact specifications by our specialist cutting team.

    Generally speaking, GRP grating has good fire resistant properties – the resin matrix used in GRP grating is typically self-extinguishing, meaning that it will not support combustion and will go out once the source of the fire is removed. However the fire resistance will vary depending on the type and quality of material used in its construction. Our Dura Grating is fire rated to Class B in accordance with BS EN 13501.

    GRP grating is made by combining glass fibres with a thermosetting resin to form a strong, durable composite material. The actual manufacturing process will differ depending on whether it is moulded or pultruded.

    GRP grating is used in a wide range of applications as a durable and lightweight alternative to traditional materials, including walkways, platforms, bridges and infrastructure projects.

    d² GRP is Now Fully Recyclable

    Not only have we saved over 5 million kgs of CO2 through our d² product innovation so far, but we’ve also embarked on a project to recycle all our GRP. If you have GRP waste materials from your on-site installation, or if your Dura product is end of life – it will be repurposed into the production of new materials at our UK HQ. A real-world solution to a real-world problem, which means you can have total peace of mind that you’re choosing a great sustainable material option for your project.

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