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    Dagger Board

    The composite alternative to wood, with 80% savings over lifecycle.

    Dura Composites’ 19mm and 25mm composite Dagger and Soffit Boards mimic the appearance of traditional timber valance and soffit boards, but are lighter, simpler to install and require virtually no maintenance over their long design life. They have been designed to meet Network Rail specification to replace old rotten wooden boards when carrying out general improvements to station platform environments, or for major works involving cutting back station canopies to allow for electrification.

    Our patented design (GB 2582967) achieves a market-leading fire rating of B-s1,d0 in accordance with European Standard EN-13501-1 and provides both decorative and functional benefits. The shaping of the Dagger Boards helps to keep passengers dry whilst maintaining natural light and ventilation within the canopy. To ensure you get the best results from Dura Dagger Boards, we recommend the product is installed by a professional contractor with previous installation experience.

    Dura Dagger and Soffit Boards are available in several design variants to suit the requirement of individual projects. They can be cut to virtually any shape which means Dura Composites can easily match exisiting profiles, thus retaining the character and individuality of each location.

    3D Model: Dura Dagger Board Emmeline Design

    Money Pound

    Cost Saving

    Up to 80% cost saving on traditional materials based on a 10-15 year lifecycle cost


    Reduced Weight

    Working at height benefits due to reduced weight, resulting in quicker installation time

    Product Range

    25 Design Variants

    They can be supplied in a range of intricated profiles or as flat fascia strips within a 2-week lead time


    Dura Dagger Boards combine strength, durability and minimal maintenance allowing them to be used in a variety of station footbridge or platform applications either externally or internally as attractive panelling, soffits and fascias.


    Dura Dagger Boards are the ideal replacement material for timber on canopy fascias. Our CNC and 3D laser expertise enables exact replications of heritage designs for railway stations.

    • Class B fire rating in accordance with BS EN 13501.
    • Half the weight and price of GRP alternatives.
    • Supplied in a range of non-conductive profiles.

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    Soffit Boards

    Utilising the same composite material, we can supply attractive panelling, soffits, and fascias used for various external and internal applications.

    • Woodgrain finish which mimics traditional timber.
    • Combines strength, durability and minimal maintenance.
    • Can be modified for each unique location.

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    Hollybush Green

    Light Beige


    Subject to extended lead times and minimum order quantities


    Find out how our market-leading composite products and applications are reshaping the industry.

    Panel Profiles

    The standard surface finish combines a woodgrain front and smooth reverse, each featuring a tongue and groove joining detail.


























    Finishing Trims

    Positioned horizontally along the top, upper or lower edge of the boards.

    Top Trim

    Middle Trim


    Dagger boards are a common term for the decorative crenelated station platform canopy borders that play a crucial role in providing shelter to rail passengers and protecting them from the elements. Other names include railway station canopy fascia boards, valance boards and dags.

    Although traditionally constructed in timber, dagger boards are exposed to all weathers and are prone to timber rot, which in turn can result in individual boards falling away, posing a health and safety risk to both trains and the public. Dura Composites has pioneered the development of a fire-rated low-maintenance composite alternative with 60 year design life which achieves huge savings over the life of the asset.

    Yes. The vast majority of our projects involve replicating existing fascia designs using our advanced CNC machine technology. The choice to use composite eliminates the need for repainting or replacing damaged or rotted sections at height, benefitting passengers who are not disrupted by repeat maintenance cycles.

    Absolutely. We’ve been approved for use on and supplied plenty of heritage projects, one of which (Harlow Town) even won a National Railway Heritage Award. According to the Railway Heritage Trust around a third of station canopy roofs are Grade II listed, often with a specific or elaborate design that is unique to that station or to the train operator that first built it. Our CNC and 3D laser survey expertise enables exact replications of beautiful heritage designs within a 2-week lead time following client approval of a sample piece.

    Would you believe that we can supply in as little as 2 weeks once you’ve approved a sample section that we will produce for you? Our processes are really fast and we’ve got huge experience with station canopy projects, so we totally understand that when you need it, you really need it. When it comes to installation, because we supply in pre-cut sections, it’s a really fast and efficient process that causes minimal disruption but ensures long term performance.

    Whilst installation time for a train station canopy can vary depending on factors such as size, complexity, and site-specific conditions, Dura Dagger Boards are incredibly quick to install. At half the weight and price of GRP alternatives, they are supplied in 2.1 x 1.2 metre sections for faster install and require virtually no maintenance over their long design life.

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