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    The industry’s best-engineered structural flooring & walkway systems.

    Manufactured using advanced composite technology that removes embodied carbon without compromising on performance. Our walkway products feature one of the highest degrees of slip resistance ever measured for a walking surface especially in wet, oily or adverse weather conditions, and can be used to replace steel, metal or wood. Common applications for our products include footbridges, roof walkways, ramps, trench covers and raised catwalks. Key benefits include preventing slips, trips and falls, fire-ratings, easy manual handling and low lifecycle costs.

    Both our d² Dura Grating open mesh and Dura Slab solid surfaced structural walkway products allow contractors to take advantage of their lightweight handling and workability using standard tools. Both products benefit from short lead times and rapid installation speeds. In addition to improving safety standards, Dura Composites’ GRP walkways provide excellent chemical resistance, are easy to install and offer long term durability. Dura Composites’ GRP handrailing systems can also be fitted to one or both sides of the walkway for added safety and security.

    If you need a raised walkway solution for sloping floors where the substrate is not level, our adjustable pedestals can be used to provide a level walkway for safe pedestrian access. If your area is subject to liquid contamination, our open mesh gritted grating can be used as the flooring surface to allow for easy drainage.

    Our walkway products are also the ideal solution for roof walkways to access high level equipment for maintenance or inspection and provide a flat, dry and safe method of access.

    3D Model: Dura Rail Trackside Walkways



    Only Dura products feature a gritted anti-slip surface that’s been extensively tested to over 1m footfalls.


    Fully Recyclable

    Our unique products contain up 33% less embodied carbon and we’ll recycle your walkway product once it reaches end of use.

    Ball Fall

    Ball Fall Test Compliant

    Meets ball fall sphere requirements of BS 4592 thanks to small mesh holes throughout the range.


    • Footbridges

      Unrivalled in the marketplace, our range of footbridge solutions include Dura Slab Structural Stair Treads and Landings, Dura Slab heavy-duty flooring panels, Dura Deck Aluminium and GRP d² Dura Grating. Rigorously tested, all our footbridge products include non-slip surfaces to enhance traction, especially in wet or icy conditions.

      • We provide all the data you need, including load and deflection information.
      • Our products blend with the natural environment, urban landscape, and architectural context.
      • Our GRP and Aluminium walkway products require minimal maintenance.


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    • Trench Covers

      Our trench and trough covers are designed for maximum versatility and work with both precast flat top concrete troughs as well as with precast concrete troughs with a factory formed recess. Open mesh and solid top versions are available and can meet the needs for straight sections, curved sections, right angles and Ts.

      • Can include either manual lifting eyes or mechanical lifting arms.
      • Unrivalled selection of pedestrian and vehicle rated covers.
      • Routine inspections and repairs can be made easily.


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    • Ramps

      For commercial, retail, residential and disability access projects that require ramps; our anti-slip, non-conductive GRP d² Dura Grating walkway surfaces reduce risk and creates a safe, durable solution. We offer a range of mesh sizes, including mini mesh and micro mesh which are suitable for a variety of footwear and wheeled vehicles such as powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

      • Colours include: Dark Grey, Yellow, Green and Teak
      • Attractive yet functional ramps for homes and public buildings.
      • Require minimal maintenance in Industrial settings.


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    • Rail Trackside Walkways

      Our walkways meet the requirements of accessing the rail site for train-related purposes or for maintenance of infrastructure. d² Dura Grating is lightweight and chemical resistant making it ideal for pump out and refuelling locations. d² Dura Slab has an incredible strength to weight ratio producing a heavy duty walkway – the ideal alternative to concrete.

      • Ideal for new constructions and refurbishment applications.
      • Championed within the rail industry for its performance-to-weight ratio.
      • Improved visual inspection capability.


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    • Roof Walkways

      Used to access high level equipment for maintenance, facilities management and servicing of equipment such as air conditioning units. d² Dura Grating used in conjunction with our d² Dura Profile structural support system, or a pedestal system allows for maximum flexibility. Our solutions can help protect key personnel from trips and falls around service equipment and parapet edges.

      • Suitable for flat roofs of all types including corrugated or standing seam.
      • Considerably faster to install than traditional steel grating systems.
      • GRP eliminates the risk of electrical hazards.


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    Find out how our market-leading composite products and applications are reshaping the industry.


    When it comes to pitting d² Dura products against suppliers of traditional materials such as steel or concrete, the benefits are easy to define. The products offer a combination of future-proof fire resistance, anti- corrosion, chemical resistance and anti-slip gritted surfaces. These features help to reduce contractors’ build and through-life maintenance costs, whilst ensuring that end customers benefit from enhanced safety and accessibility.

    GRP has become the material of choice for structural walkways, and therefore must be strong and rigid enough to support the weight of persons moving across it. Dura Composites is the best-known supplier of walkway grating under the brand name Dura Grating and has redefined what customers should expect from their structural walkway grating. Compared to other GRP grating, d² Dura Grating delivers the lowest embodied carbon, best performance-to-weight ratio, best fire-rating and best anti-slip durability in the industry, for maximum safety and efficiency.

    The first step is to clearly define the purpose of the walkway, including a full understanding of whether it’s for pedestrian traffic, maintenance access, or other specific uses. It’s critical at the design stage to determine the expected load capacity e.g. people, equipment and planned vehicular movement. Our in-house engineering team can support your design considerations with modelling and finite element analysis as well as providing load and deflection data to aid product choice.

    We can help ensure your design adheres to safety standards and any specific requirements for walkways. Standards are used to establish consistent protocols that can be universally understood. Standard for BS 4592 ‘Flooring, Treads & Handrails for Industrial use’ states that any opening in the walkway surface should prevent the passage of a 35mm diameter sphere except where the grating is above a place where people are working as opposed to occasionally passing, then the openings should prevent a 20mm diameter sphere from passing through. With small mesh hole sizes throughout the d² Dura Grating walkway range, we’re able to meet 20mm and 35mm sphere requirements, including offering the only 50mm Standard Mesh grating on the market that meets the 35mm Ball Fall test.

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