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    Trench Covers

    We have a wealth of experience in the manufacture and supply of Trench and Access covers – both for new constructions and refurbishment applications. Let us help you Unlock the Power of Composites with a low maintenance, durable and simple to install composite Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) alternative to heavy & cumbersome steel or concrete covers.

    Easy manual handling and simple installation on site.

    Our trench and trough covers are designed for maximum versatility and work with both precast flat top concrete troughs as well as with precast concrete troughs with a factory formed recess which enable a flush fitting with the floor surface. From open mesh to solid top lids (or a combination of both), Dura Composites has an unrivalled selection of pedestrian and vehicle rated covers to meet your specific project needs.

    With an innovative design that can include either manual lifting eyes or mechanical lifting arms, our trench cover lids can meet the needs for straight sections, curved sections, right angles and Ts and have an excellent strength to weight ratio. The lightweight nature of the covers mean routine inspections and repairs can be made easily, by simply removing the appropriate covers.

    Our trench cover products have additional scope for use within overlay crossing points and cable pits. Our experienced team can advise on a range of standard and bespoke scenarios and can attend site on request for pre-start project consultations. We also offer 3D laser scanning and drone surveys for areas which are difficult to inspect or which have access restrictions.

    3D Model: 1250mm Trough with Dura Slab 100mm Lid

    Long Performance

    Single Source Supplier

    We have teamed up with Ibstock to help customers access the best in pre-cast concrete troughs and GRP composite trench covers from a single supply chain source partner


    Lightweight Covers

    Our 50mm Rect HD & 53mm Rect HD products are the most efficient, lightest weight BS EN 124 trench covers on the market at the common 600mm span

    Fire Rated

    Class B Fire Rating

    d² Dura Grating and Dura Slab boast an industry-leading Class B fire rating per BS EN 13501-1, ensuring suitability for trench cover projects prioritising fire safety

    PartnershipIndustry Partnership


    Our partnership with Ibstock helps customers access the best in pre-cast concrete troughs and GRP composite trench covers from a single supply chain source partner. We provide UK Energy sector customers with readily available stock of concrete troughs and GRP lids alongside high levels of local technical engineering support.

    We have seen a marked increase in customers requiring a combined concrete trough and GRP lid system and as a recognised leader and innovator in the market, Ibstock has enhanced it’s offering of pre-cast reinforced concrete troughs to include solutions specifically designed for the Power and Energy infrastructure sector. Ibstock troughs and Dura Composites lids are available for every trench cover project scenario.

    Ibstock website

    GRP Cover Solutions

    Our range of trench covers include both Moulded Lids for pedestrian loading and Pultruded Lids for vehicular loading – offering lightweight, high-strength solutions with various load ratings and cost-effective benefits.

    • Moulded: d² Dura Grating

      Achieves an industry-leading Class B fire rating in accordance with the BS EN 13501-1 standard, making it suitable for a range of trench cover project installations where fire safety is an important consideration.

      We offer Standard Mesh, Mini Mesh and Micro Mesh variants to suit specific project needs. The latest addition to the range is our Rectangular Mesh product, which meets the needs of narrow trench spans with maximum efficiency.

      d² Dura Grating Solid Top is a great choice for situations where easy access is needed, but no daily light transmittance, drainage or visual inspection of the area underneath the grating is required. The gritted, anti-slip properties and rigorously tested solid surface of d² Dura Grating Solid Top is easier to clean compared with other types of open mesh grating, as there are no open spaces for debris to accumulate.

      Moulded Grating

    • Pultruded: d² Dura Grating

      As an alternative to our moulded grating panels, we also offer pultruded GRP grating in various structural shapes, including I-Beam, T-Beam and Flat Beam.

      The I-Beam grating has an I-shaped cross-section with flanges on either side of a central web, the T-Beam has a T-shaped cross-section with a central web and flanges on either side that extend beyond the width of the web to provide additional lateral stiffness, and the Flat Beam provides a smooth and flat surface that is ideal for pedestrian areas and areas which require additional drainage.

      Each variant uses different shapes and sizes of bearing bars, providing excellent bi-directional strength and stiffness properties. The choice of which to use will depend on the specific requirements of your project, including the load-bearing requirements and overall aesthetics.

      Pultruded Grating

    • Pultruded: d² Dura Slab

      We are experts in the design, manufacture and supply of trench and access covers and heavy-duty floor slabs. Our Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) Dura Slab panels offer a low maintenance, durable and simple to install composite alternative to heavy & cumbersome steel or concrete covers.

      With an innovative design that can include either manual lifting eyes or mechanical lifting arms, Dura Slab has an excellent strength to weight ratio. When used as trench or gully covers, its lightweight nature means routine inspections or cabling or other equipment can be made easily.

      Dura Slab


    We offer a range of compatible accessories to complete your Trough Cover solution. Many accessories are available from stock, but some are custom manufactured to order, so please ensure you advise us of any accessory requirements at the earliest possible stage.

    Lifting Eyes & Keys

    Supplied as standard to suit typical
    manual lifting requirements. Requires
    a traditional lifting key which engages
    with slots in the cover.

    Suits: All Solid Covers

    Hand Holes

    Larger lifting eye, so no key is required. Can have an affect on panel integrity due to cut out size.

    Suits: All Solid Covers

    Mechanical Lift

    Ideal for scenarios where lifting equipment is preferred to reduce the number of personnel required to lift.

    Suits: Covers too heavy for manual lift, or reduce number required to lift

    Access Hatch

    Hinged covers to offer easier access to utilities without lifting keys.

    Suits: All Covers

    Perimeter Frames

    Creates rebate for cover to sit on.

    Suits: All Covers

    Cover Retention

    Used if there is no rebate present to retain cover position.

    Suits: All Covers

    Lockable Panels

    Used to fix panels together as anti-tamper device. Also removes risk of panel uplift in floods.

    Suits: d² Dura Slab


    GRP and Steel substructure for trench covers to bear onto for large spans, direction changes or cut outs.

    Suits: All Covers

    Rubber Seal

    Seal helps reduce sound when being walked on.

    Suits: d² Dura Slab


    Used for product identification (normally the cover load rating).

    Suits: All Covers


    Panels can be built up to finished level in cases of incorrect rebate height. Also suited to refurb projects.

    Suits: All Covers

    RFI Shielding

    Our trench covers can be fitted with Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) shielding material to reduce interference from external electromagnetic signals if required.

    Suits: All Covers


    Find out how our market-leading composite products and applications are reshaping the industry.

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    Our Specialists

    Our innovative recyclable products can help accelerate the construction of critical infrastructure. Talk to our experienced team about how you can tap into our specialist knowledge and engineering capability for your project.