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    Discover the Dura difference for yourself.

    We believe that composite materials can revolutionise every industry – and we want our customers to be part of that journey. We want to help you unlock the power of composites and discover a new way of doing business; a way that leaves the traditional ways behind, and opens the door to the 21st Century way of building.

    Our complete range of highly-engineered GRP floor grating takes structural flooring to the next level. With an unbeatable anti-slip surface (tested to 1 million footfalls), a leading Class B fire rating, and a better strength-to-weight ratio than any other composite product on the market, we have created a grating solution that delivers efficiency in every conceivable way. And now, with our bespoke Power of Composites tool, you can find a solution that suits your unique requirements.

    Say goodbye to lengthy technical datasheets, protracted quotes, and sub-par results. Welcome to the future of composite grating. With this one, seamless tool, you are able to input your precise requirements and receive a bespoke GRP grating product to match, complete with market-leading data feedback so you can see the difference for yourself.

    Grating Selection Tool

    GRP Grating Selection Tool

    Create a list of grating products that meet your exacting criteria. Adjust the Load, Deflection and Fire Rating parameters accordingly, which in turn will automatically evaluate product performance and update the complying product list. Export Detailed Information such as Product Variations, Product Dimensions and Full bar guide.

    Load:Deflection Tables

    Bespoke Grating Load/Deflection Tables

    Select product and options to display customised information in downloadable assets to back up your specification. Adjust the load and span range and interval to create your very own dynamic load and deflection table. Providing reference tables for load and deflection is seen as an industry standard. At Dura Composites however, we want to provide you with the ability to produce your own customised table.

    Comparison Graphs

    Grating Comparison Graphs

    Compare the performance of grating panels against one another using a graphical format. Set Load Type between Point Load (PL) and Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL) then select an unlimited amount of products to compare and create your downloable graph with Load (kN) and Deflection (mm) axis.

    Profile Selector

    Profile Selector

    Understand the performance of GRP profiles in comparison to traditional materials, for example using GRP instead of timber, steel or aluminium. Understand the specification and suitability of a a product based on your intended application. Using this tool, you can select your existing product (made with traditional materials) and apply a number of load scenarios to produce a GRP alternative.

    Material Properties

    Material Properties

    The material data reported has been compiled to allow engineers and specifiers to quantify the material properties with those contained within specifications. You will find a selection of products that have been tested using standardised methods, either in-house, or by accredited external bodies. The values reported are based on averaged data as per the relevant standard quoted.

    Property Comparison

    Property Comparison

    A visualisation of the difference between various properties for traditional materials versus our products. The values quoted are for representation only and are typical within the range of values for the given material. An example of this can be Density, where timber, depending on the type can have several values. To accommodate this in the comparison, we have included multiple options where ranges are too large.