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    Roof Walkways

    We offer lightweight and high-strength rooftop walkways made from GRP d² Dura Grating, providing access to elevated equipment for maintenance and servicing. With high slip resistance and quick installation, it provides a safe and efficient solution for various industrial applications.

    Help protect key personnel from trips and falls.

    Dura Rooftop Walkways provide easy access to high level equipment for maintenance, facilities management and servicing of equipment such as air conditioning units. Made from durable yet lightweight GRP d² Dura Grating, these walkways can incorporate GRP handrailing products and offer flexibility with options like the GRP d² Dura Profile structural support system or a pedestal system. Both solutions are a fraction of the weight of traditional materials such as steel, offer superb anti-corrosion properties and help protect key personnel from trips and falls around service equipment and parapet edges.

    The gritted surface of d² Dura Grating offers one of the highest degrees of slip resistance ever measured for a walkway surface, particularly in rainy, frosty, icy and snowy conditions. It can be used as anti-slip roof crawling boards to replace rotten and slippery timber deck boards and reduce the likelihood of accidents in a range of industrial, building and construction environments.

    Suitable for flat roofs of all types including corrugated or standing seam roofs, d² Dura Grating can be installed considerably faster than traditional steel grating systems which saves you valuable time and money on labour and installation. It is also non-conductive and does not require earthing, meaning that the risk of electrical hazards on site are eliminated.

    Whether you’re installing a GRP rooftop walkway, catwalk, access platform, roof catwalk or mezzanine, there is a standard mesh, mini mesh, micro mesh or solid top (covered) d² Dura Grating product that will meet your needs.


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