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    High-performance composition.

    Whether you’re planning a commercial, residential, new-build or refurbishment cladding project, we have durable, simple to install, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions to meet your needs in our Dura Cladding range which achieves the highest possible fire classification for a composite timber or WPC product (B s1 d0).

    Dura Cladding Flush Resist has all the natural beauty of timber cladding, but none of the maintenance drawbacks. Made from an eco-friendly mix of reclaimed timber and polymers, its high-performance composition is great to look at and great for the environment too. Unlike wood cladding, it never needs painting or treating and is easier to work with than other cladding alternatives such as fibre cement, which can be brittle and lack the textural feel of natural wood.

    Our high-performance Dura Cladding Flush Aluminium delivers a host of advantages versus traditional materials and is the number one choice for architects, specifiers and homeowners looking for an attractive but futureproof solution with an A2 fire rating.

    The Dura Cladding range now includes innovative custom-made aluminium trims, as well as no-fuss fixing screws, for ultimate ease of installation. Available in coordinating colours, Dura Composites’ 2-part trim system has been simplified to reduce confusion and increase the speed of installation.

    3D Model: Dura Cladding Flush Aluminium



    Can be installed either horizontally or vertically

    UV Stable


    Performs in all weather conditions with no expansion


    Enviromentally Friendly

    Our composite products are made from 78% recycled materials

    Dura Cladding Range

    • Composite Cladding

      By choosing co-extruded composite timber Dura Cladding Flush Resist with its 360˚ protective armour for your project, you’ll be investing in a ’fit-and-forget’ solution that requires minimal ongoing maintenance during its long design life. Ideal for low-rise commercial or domestic use, or new build and refurbishment projects that require a Class B-s1,d0 fire rating in accordance with BS EN 13501-1:2018.

      • Comes in three beautiful colours: Charcoal, Alaskan Cedar and Grey.
      • Visual appeal of a woodgrain finish, but unlike wood, will not splinter, warp or rot.
      • Up to 78% of the materials used are recycled hardwood and plastic.


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    • Aluminium Cladding

      Dura Cladding Flush Aluminium is an A2 fire-rated cladding system which can be installed either vertically or horizontally with no overlap. It offers a versatile solution that meets the needs of high-rise, public sector and domestic cladding projects. When used with our aluminium battens and cladding trims the cladding planks create a safe, low-maintenance cladding solution that’s fire-rated (in accordance with BS EN 13501-1:2018) for maximum peace of mind.

      • Available in three colours: Anthracite, Cedar and Mist.
      • Unqiue anti-glare design with a matt-finish surface texture.
      • Lightweight and cost-effective to install for applications over 11 metres.


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    • Wall Panels

      We have reclaimed material from our most loved, luxury decking and cladding ranges to create impactful and effective decorative wall panels known as Revive-a-Panel. Whether you’re upgrading your home, office, or commercial space, the two distinct panel types are designed to complement any décor, adding warmth and character to your surroundings. With a backing board for sound deadening or without for a low-profile sleek look, you can transform your space while contributing to a greener planet and supporting a fantastic charitable cause.

      • Available in a variety of wood-tone colours.
      • Easy install with high-strength grab adhesive.
      • 5% donations to the Essex Wildlife Trust with each purchase.


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    • Dura Aluminium Battens

      We supply industry-leading A2 fire-rated aluminium battens (bearers) to enable the installation of a safer system. Unlike timber battens, which can twist, rot or warp over time, Dura Bearers are made from 6063 grade aluminium (T6) and have a greater strength-to-size ratio than traditional materials. When used with Dura Cladding Aluminium and trims, it creates a safe, low-maintenance cladding solution that’s fire-rated for maximum peace of mind.

      • Available in three sizes: 25mm, 50mm and 75mm.
      • Can be installed directly onto hard surfaces such as brick or concrete.
      • Expected 60-year design life with a 10-year warranty (on painted finish).


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    Dura Training Academy

    If you’re a professional contractor installing high-rise cladding as part of your building services offering, attending a Dura Training Academy hands-on learning session on installing the Dura Cladding range could be a game-changer. This comprehensive program is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary outdoor sanctuaries using our fire-rated products.

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    If you prefer not to install yourself, we have a dedicated Installation Team with the necessary qualifications and experience to make sure your project is speedy, efficient, and hassle-free. Our installation team members are IPAF and PASMA qualified, and our Site Managers receive superb feedback on their professionalism and dedication. Our installation services include riser void coverings, high rise balconies and fabrications.

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    Take a look at our market-leading composite materials through our insightful articles.


    Composite cladding refers to cladding made by combining two or more different materials to create a cladding plank product with enhanced properties. The resulting composite material often exhibits superior strength and durability compared to individual constituent materials. In our case, we offer aluminium composite cladding as well as composite timber cladding, both of which offer specific benefits for different applications such as high rise buildings or garden rooms.

    Really easy! Our Dura Cladding Flush Resist composite timber and Dura Cladding Aluminium can both be installed vertically or horizontally and come with a great range of colour-matched trims and accessories so you can install with confidence.

    The great thing about composite cladding is that it’s inherently resistant to rot and decay, which can contribute to long-term cost savings. Unlike wood, there’s no need to paint, stain or treat it periodically, in fact, all that’s needed is the occasional jet wash to keep it looking at its best.

    The first stage of your product project should be establishing the direction of your batten layout. We can supply A2 rated aluminium battens to enable the installation of a safer system which meets the regulatory needs of your building project. Whatever battens you choose, they must be fixed to your building using a suitable fixing system and each cladding plank should be supported at regular intervals as per the guidance in our technical installation manuals.


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    Our Specialists

    Our innovative recyclable products can help accelerate the construction of critical infrastructure. Talk to our experienced team about how you can tap into our specialist knowledge and engineering capability for your project.