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    Structural Slab Stair Treads & Landings

    Heavy commuter, shopper or general foot traffic can take a toll on stairs and walkways, making them slippery and dangerous. If you’re looking to improve the safety of footbridges or staircases then you should consider our award-winning GRP Dura Slab Structural Stair Treads and Landings which not only enhance safety but also minimise maintenance needs thanks to their 60 year design life.

    Treads span up to 2 metres, saving money on your substructure.

    Suited for both new build footbridges and for essential staircase refurbishment works, Dura Slab Structural Stair Treads (in conjunction with d² Dura Slab 50 Closed Lap Joint for landings) incorporate a number of ground-breaking features.

    • The single unit construction speeds up install times, reducing costs and limiting disruption to end users. They are made from pultruded GRP and are lightweight, high strength, anti-slip, non-corrosive and non-conductive.
    • Designed for use on footbridges and staircases, they overcome all of the problems normally associated with the use of traditional materials such as wood. Whilst timber treads need regular refurbishment as they are prone to rotting which compromises the structure and provides potential “slip or trip” risks for pedestrians, our GRP treads are safe, easy to work with and low maintenance.
    • Where previous composite treads on the market have been limited in span capabilities, Dura Composites can span up to 2m clear open span, achieving the required 5kN/m2 at L/200 deflection, meaning that additional supports can be avoided in most scenarios.
    • Hidden fixings minimise trip hazards and provide an aesthetically pleasing finish, whilst the in-built risers act as debris shield. Added spine supports can enable greater spans with minimal deflection.
    • They Incorporate a very slight fall to assist in the prevention of water pooling which can lead to problems with ice in the winter months.
    • No heavy lifting equipment is needed as all panels can be easily manhandled even in full stock lengths.
    Structural- Slab Stair Treads


    Advanced Tri-Tone Grit

    Dura Composites’ Tri-Tone gritted surface offers superior durability and performance for high-traffic areas and blends with a range of surroundings. Independently tested (in accordance with BS 7976-2:2002+A1:2013), Tri-Tone maintains a fantastic 97.5% of its original slip resistance after 1.1 million footfalls & delivers an 8% increase in slip resistance in wet conditions vs. our previous generation Dura Platform and Dura Slab Structural Stair Tread and Landing surface.

    Staircase install in 52 hours? You can with Dura Slab.

    Check out this video to view one of our successful staircase replacement projects completed in just 52 hours. The degraded timber staircase was removed and replaced with a prefabricated galvanized steel frame topped with GRP Dura Slab Structural Stair Treads which have a 60 year design life and advanced anti-slip surface. Panels are pultruded in single sections for rapid install and are also lightweight, making them easy to handle manually without the need for extensive lifting equipment.


    Find out how our market-leading composite products and applications are reshaping the industry.

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