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    Trackside Walkways

    Our gritted anti-slip walkways provide safe access to trackside areas and help drivers and maintenance personnel navigate with ease. Suitable for external fuelling areas, CET stations, wash-plants and a host of other trackside scenarios, our walkways are made from d² Dura Grating – a sustainable, low carbon alternative to traditional GRP grating.

    Performance-boosting alternative to traditional materials.

    Ideal for a variety of applications within the rail industry, our GRP Driver and Trackside Walkways provide a performance-boosting alternative to traditional materials like timber, steel, and concrete. As a trusted market leader in composite open mesh grating walkway systems for over a quarter of a century, our d² Dura Grating series has been embraced by the rail industry for its outstanding performance-to-weight ratio, improved visual inspection capability and low embodied carbon values compared to previous generation GRP grating.

    Using d² Dura Grating, trackside walkways and walking routes can be easily configured to meet the specific requirements of accessing rail sites for train-related activities or infrastructure maintenance. The grating achieves an industry-leading Class B fire rating in accordance with BS EN 13501-1 and has been rigorously tested to over a million footfalls, delivering ultra low slip potential, even in the wet.

    We also supply heavy-duty walkways, crafted from pultruded GRP Dura Slab, which serves as an ideal alternative to cumbersome concrete. Whether fabricated on-site using standard cutting tools with no hot works permits required or pre-cut to size at our East of England Operations Centre, Dura Slab ensures significant time savings on your rail project.


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    Integration with Dura Envirosump

    Train washing is an essential part of the daily routine for train operating companies. New patent-pending Dura Envirosump (Patent Application No, GB 22 07895.0) has been designed to make the process of managing the excess liquids created by the washing process easier.

    Each modular 3.6 metre section of Dura Envirosump can be rapidly installed and is easily adjustable to different tracks, curvatures, and the contours of a range of rolling stock profiles. For easy demarcation, the d² Dura Grating walkway surface of Dura Envirosump is supplied in green colour as standard, so that stop points can easily be located by train drivers against the yellow run of existing d² Dura Grating trackside walkways and Dura Driver Access Platforms.

    Dura Envirosump




    Train washing is an essential part of the daily routine for train operating companies. New…

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