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    Dura Envirosump

    A patent-pending (Patent Application No GB 22 07895.0) structural liquid catchment system designed to prevent contamination from spillage and leaks during the train washing process. Made from high performance GRP components, Envirosump makes the process of managing excess liquids easier than ever before, as no drainage works are needed.

    Minimises the risk of track disturbance.

    The Dura Envirosump System is a fully adjustable modular GRP solution which can be configured to suit all permanent way (P Way) railway track designs. It can be rapidly installed without the need to connect to sleepers, and without any requirement for expensive drainage civils work. Made from lightweight but high-strength GRP components which are exclusive to Dura Composites, it minimises the risk of track disturbance both during installation and use.

    Designed, manufactured and fabricated from Dura’s efficiently designed, non-conductive and chemically resistant d² product range, Dura Envirosump captures wash water without compromising on safety, allowing train operators to adhere to local regulations. Residues created during the train wash process such as dust, mud, and detergents are removed from the surface and captured within a secure silt-container section of the capture tray, ready for emptying.

    Access to the sump area is by way of a secure railway carriage key mechanism. This allows for simple operation by authorised cleaning and maintenance depot staff to ensure that the frequency of train wash operations can be easily maintained. Layouts can be configured for both the London End and Buffer End and we can advise on precise information tailored to your site’s conditions and specific requirements.



    No drainage works needed – rapid install with no disruption



    Captures silt & detergent in secure capture tray



    Integrates fully with all existing trackside walkways

    Integration with Existing Trackside Walkways

    Using d² Dura Grating, trackside walkways and walking routes can be easily configured to meet the specific requirements of accessing rail sites for train-related activities or infrastructure maintenance.

    Each modular 3.6 metre section of Dura Envirosump can be rapidly installed and is easily adjustable to different tracks, curvatures, and the contours of a range of rolling stock profiles. For easy demarcation, the d² Dura Grating walkway surface of Dura Envirosump is supplied in green colour as standard, so that stop points can easily be located by train drivers against the yellow run of existing d² Dura Grating trackside walkways and Dura Driver Access Platforms.

    Trackside Walkways

    Introducing the Orange Train Wash

    Empowered by Dura Composites as its manufacturing partner, the Orange Train Wash revolutionises how train exteriors are maintained with trailblazing cleanliness standards and radical environmental, carbon reduction, installation, productivity and cost saving benefits.

    This system is compatible by design with Dura Envirosump and Dura’s Trackside Walkways.

    Orange Train Wash

    A Sustainable Choice

    With a design life of 60 years and a clever weight-reducing design, Dura Envirosump is playing its part in helping to reduce the carbon impact on the environment. As part of its commitment to environmental sustainability, Dura Composites also operates a sister company called Dura Upcycling Ltd which takes advantage of the inherent durability and other properties of our materials and encourages their re-use and re-purposing wherever possible.

    Our commitment to sustainabilty




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