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Need to create a feature wall or add texture to an uninspiring space? Well here at Dura we have reclaimed material from our most loved, luxury decking and cladding ranges to create impactful and effective decorative wall panels.

Whether you’re upgrading your home, office, or commercial space, the two distinct panel types are designed to complement any décor, adding warmth and character to your surroundings. With a backing board for sound deadening or without for a low-profile sleek look, you can transform your space while contributing to a greener planet and supporting a fantastic charitable cause.

Engineered to be quick and easy to install, each panel is handcrafted in the UK using an innovative blend of up to 87% recycled hardwood and plastics. The highly developed unique composition, combines the traditional appearance of timber with the durability of an engineered composite and are simple to install in a modular format.

Composite Timber helps to conserve the earth’s resources whilst reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Embrace sustainability, style, and social responsibility, with each purchase of Revive-a-Panel we will donate 5% to the Essex Wildlife Trust, who are dedicated to conserving and protecting wildlife and natural habitats across the beautiful Essex county in which we live and work.

In addition, Revive-a-Panels are made from surplus materials from our popular decking and cladding ranges which have resulted from seasonal fluctuations or changes in market trends. We’re committed to ensuring these great materials find new purpose as part of the Revive-a-Panel range as purchasing reclaimed materials reduces the demand for new resources and minimises waste, helping preserve our earth’s important natural resources.

  • From £75 per pack of 3 boards including VAT and FREE SHIPPING
  • Wood-on-wood-board effect for the ultimate in simplicity
  • Get creative and transform your space with highly adaptable boards
  • Wood slat effect adds texture to a feature wall
  • Out of the box wall panelling solution
  • Easy install with high-strength grab adhesive
  • 5 incredible wood-tone colours available
  • Board dimensions: H2400mm x W180mm x D10mm
  • From £57.69 (incl VAT) per m2
  • Each board covers 0.43m2 or 1.3m2 per pack of 3
  • Available only in packs of three for convenience


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Board Dimensions (Each board covers 0.36m2)

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