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    End of Platform Steps

    Our GRP end-of-platform steps offer secure access to the trackside for maintenance with long-lasting performance, particularly in electrified environments. The modular lightweight design reduces embodied carbon and is both non-conductive and low maintenance, offering major cost savings during installation and usage.

    Providing safe access for authorised personnel.

    Our non-conductive GRP end-of-platform steps serve a crucial function by providing convenient but secure access points at the end of each station platform, whilst preventing unauthorised pedestrian access to the railway infrastructure.. Made from our low maintenance pultruded GRP structural beams and gritted slab stair treads, they facilitate the movement of maintenance personnel to and from the lineside, enabling them to perform essential tasks such as inspections, repairs, and maintenance of track infrastructure and signalling equipment.

    Modular and simple to install.

    Modular and simple to install, they have a design life of 60 years and can be fitted with handrailing, fencing and lockable gates to prevent public access to the lineside at each platform end. We can fully fabricate end-of-platform steps at our Fabrication Centre and deliver to site pre-made, or supply as a flat pack kit ready for quick assembly at the trackside. The non-conductive property of GRP makes it inherently suitable for electrified environments and no traction bonding is required during installation.

    Lower maintenance and lower embodied carbon.

    Designed-engineered for maximum performance, the component parts are strong but lightweight, weighing up to 80% less than steel and 30% less than aluminium. This results in major embodied carbon savings and also lower installation costs, as the whole structure can be easily lifted into place and bolted down using less labour and equipment than is required for other solutions. The modular format and standardised design of Dura Composites’ end-of-platform steps also means easy availability of replacement parts in case of impact damage, whereby a single tread or stringer can be easily swapped out at a later date if required.


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