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    Ballast Retention

    Our GRP Ballast Retention Systems grant unparalleled access to concealed critical components of railway structures and empower Network Rail and key contractors to conduct essential safety checks swiftly and take prompt action if required. We offer a range of both open and closed systems – where the number of components and weight have been optimised to allow for rapid installation.

    Integral to the successful implementation process of a HCE inspection.

    Dura Ballast Retention systems are structural solutions made from GRP that facilitate non-intrusive inspection of metallic railway structures covered in ballast or other materials. They offer an alternative to the costly and destructive methods often used to expose ‘hidden critical elements’ (HCEs) which are structurally significant but not readily accessible, such as girders buried in ballast.

    Developed over several years of on-site experience and valuable feedback from contractors, our patented structural profile section component forms the core support element of the ballast retention system and reduces the time taken to build a solution from weeks to just days.

    Integral to the successful implementation process of a HCE inspection solution is our commitment to furnishing you with all the technical information necessary to obtain Form 3 approval, ensuring a smooth compliance process. Bespoke support offered for each installation can include the supply of inspection lids and custom lockable inspection hatches, all geared towards enhancing both the speed and safety at which crucial inspection checks can be completed.

    Strong but lightweight, they are non-conductive, making them extremely suitable for electrified rail environments. Systems can be pre-fabricated at our UK HQ and delivered rapidly to site to coincide with last minute possessions or urgent line blockages.

    Dura Ballast Retention Range

    Closed System with Inspection Lid

    • Type P40A Solid GRP Ballast Board
    • Dura Variable I-Beam
    • Dura Profile
    • Open Mesh Inspection Lid
    • Compression Fixings for Front Face Fixing Only
    Ballast Retention Pultruded Grating Blue

    Open System with no Inspection Lid

    • Dura Grating Open Ballast Boards
    • Dura Variable I-Beam
    • Dura Profile
    • Compression Fixing

    Closed System with Inspection Hatches

    • Type 40 Solid GRP Ballast Board with Inspection Hatch
    • Dura Variable I-Beam
    • Dura Profile
    • Dura Hatch Lock Plate



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