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    Our decades of experience in supplying composites to Marinas helped us develop a deep understanding of the performance of GRP (fibreglass) and its capabilities where exposure to saltwater and harsh weather conditions can accelerate corrosion in traditional materials. Our unique d² product range has an exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio, making it a lightweight yet durable material which is advantageous when constructing structures such as jetties, pontoons, gangways and walkways, where the weight of the structure is a critical factor.

    Ensure a consistently safe and durable walkway throughout the year.

    Our durable GRP decking, a robust alternative to traditional wooden marina decking, offers exceptional resistance to a wide range of chemicals. This not only safeguards walkways and structures in marinas, ports and docks against chemical deterioration but also significantly enhances their overall longevity.

    With several walkway products specifically designed for marinas such as our newest 30mm Mini Mesh and 23mm Micro Mesh, our products stand out with an anti-slip surface that excels in wet, oily, and freezing conditions. With slips and trips the number one hazard for marina environments, use of our GRP ensures a consistently safe and durable walkway throughout the year, surpassing the performance of conventional anti-slip paint and traditional wooden or metallic walkways. Lightweight and quick to install, our walkway panels are ideal for providing maintenance and cleaning access to vessels in dry dock.

    Moreover, our GRP material is non-conductive, effectively preventing the flow of electricity. This characteristic is particularly advantageous for moorings equipped with a 16-amp electricity supply, enhancing the safety of moorers and users of the jetty or walkways. The non-conductive nature of GRP provides an added layer of security in these scenarios, further contributing to a safe and reliable marina infrastructure.


    Modular GRP Fixed Jetty Kits

    Inland marinas are transitioning to more durable and environmentally friendly materials for bearers, such as GRP solutions made from our d² Dura Profile structural beams, which offer better longevity and performance in the challenging marine environment. When paired with an appropriate marina walking surface such as d² Glass Reinforced Polymer grating, a durable, high-performance system that will stand the test of time can be easily achieved. Key Benefits of our fixed composite jetty system include:

    • Durable alternative to current timber bearers in common usage
    • Outperforms lifespan of timber by 5 times thanks to anticipated 60-year design life versus timber at 10 years
    • Closed-cell construction resists water ingress
    • Lightweight and easier to install using less person-power and machinery
    • Simple to machine and drill on-site
    • Custom colours available for volume orders

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