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    Modular GRP Fixed Jetty Kits

    Don’t leave the fate of your timber bearers to chance! Our modular GRP fixed jetty kits for inland waterways offer a reliable alternative. Replace your bearer systems with our sustainable full GRP system including grating walkways, boasting a 60-year design life. Supplied in convenient modular sections, our system saves both time and money. Invest in our solution and see returns within 10 years, thanks to reduced labour costs and zero maintenance.

    Save time and money on installation and maintenance.

    We can supply in component format, pre-cut kits or fully fabricated in 3 metre or 6 metre sections to reduce on-site construction time. Pre-cut kits or pre-fabricated modules allow for immediate installation upon delivery to the marina to minimise disruption to waterway traffic and reduce overall project timelines.

    With our GRP fixed jetty kits, your overall project costs will be lower due to reduced labour and zero maintenance or replacement costs compared to the traditional 10 year replacement cycle of timber bearers. You’ll also save costs on the regular inspections you currently perform on your existing timbers to ensure the safety of your marina users.

    A fully off-site manufactured inland waterway jetty and pontoon structure with pre-added GRP decking surface is more environmentally friendly as no on-site waste management is needed, and the decking surface and substructure system has up to 50% less embodied carbon than competitor products AND is fully recyclable.


    Modular Kits

    3m or 6m sections to reduce on-site construction time


    Environmentally Friendly

    No on-site waste management is needed


    60-Year Design Life

    Compared to the 10 year replacement cycle of timber

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    Our innovative recyclable products can help accelerate the construction of maritime infrastructure and leisure projects. Talk to our experienced team about your project.