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    Shipping & Ports

    Marine-based shipping is the most common mode of commodity transportation and helps facilitate the seamless movement of goods and commodities from country to country. Whether it’s ensuring the safe loading and offloading of goods at ports, making safety improvements to a confined space, or the efficient functioning of a distribution centre, our d² GRP walkways, gangways, handrailing and access structures provide a robust and futureproof solution.

    Improve access to potentially hazardous or confined spaces.

    Our GRP product solutions can support the safe design, construction, operation, management, and maintenance of shipping facilities, terminals and ports. As stated in SIP014 Health and Safety in ports guidance, all floors, decks, surfaces, stairs, steps, passages and gangways within dock premises must be fit for purpose and properly maintained. We can support with the design of safe and resilient GRP access structures, including providing accurate information on safe operation and working loads.

    Additionally, we offer services in design optimisation and failure analysis, employing advanced methodologies to determine the strength of intricate structures and systems. As part of this FEA process, we evaluate individual component behaviour and employ accurate predictions to anticipate how sections will respond under varying structural and thermal loads. This comprehensive approach ensures not only compliance with safety standards but also the resilience and longevity of your Dura Composites GRP structures in demanding maritime environments.

    The gritted (coated) anti-slip surfaces of our GRP grating flooring panels provide excellent drainage for both structures and walkways and can improve access to potentially hazardous or confined spaces such as holds, access passages, stairwells storage tanks, silos, freight containers, trenches, ducts, service spaces, machine rooms and pump houses.

    d² GRP Grating panels are easy to maintain and remain fully operational in adverse weather conditions, reducing the risk of slips and falls. We also offer Dura Tread solid plate sheets and anti-slip strips which can be used to add traction to existing walkways surfaces.


    Find out how our market-leading composite products and applications are reshaping the industry.

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    Our Specialists

    Our innovative recyclable products can help accelerate the construction of maritime infrastructure and leisure projects. Talk to our experienced team about your project.