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    Depots & Trackside Solutions

    The use of non-conductive GRP composites in depots and at the trackside can enhance safety, reduce maintenance costs, and improve the longevity and performance of infrastructure in the railway environment. Our unique product designs reduce weight and facilitate rapid installation whilst also lowering environmental impact and reducing life-cycle costs for asset owners.

    Internal Depot Solutions

    Our work in rail depots includes the design and supply of lightweight and corrosion-resistant GRP flooring for walkways, platforms, and drainage systems. Our lightweight and removable composite trench covers also help to protect electrical and communication cables in the depot and allow for easy maintenance access. We are also one of the leading providers of driver access platforms, safety handrailing, fencing and screening.

    The primary advantages of using composite products in rail depots include their durability, resistance to environmental conditions, and reduced maintenance requirements. With an anticipated design life of 60 years, and backed by our excellent 25 year warranty, d² products require minimal maintenance, which reduces long-term operational costs and maximises depot efficiency.

    The unique lightweight designs and design-engineered performance to weight ratios of our d² products support Network Rail’s aim for more efficient project delivery and help drive asset whole life cost improvements. They also offer sustainable efficiencies thanks to their reduced embodied carbon and recyclability. The impact of our unique design for d² GRP grating for example has been nothing short of astounding, resulting in a reduction of nearly 5 million kilograms of CO2. To put this achievement in perspective – to offset such a substantial carbon footprint, over 700,000 trees would need to be planted and allowed to flourish for a decade.

    Corrosion-resistant and heavy duty.

    Extensively tested, our d² range of GRP products are highly durable and resistant to corrosion, which is essential in an environment where heavy machinery, chemicals, and harsh weather conditions are common. Installed across the rail network, our products are proven to withstand the wear and tear associated with daily rail depot operations.

    External Trackside Solutions

    We have extensive experience in trackside projects and can offer complete end-to-end delivery, from fully insured project design and unique product supply, to full turnkey installation using our specialist partner contractors.

    Our GRP Driver Walkways and Trackside Walkways offer a performance-improving, sustainable and recyclable alternative to traditional materials such as timber, steel and concrete. Made from our d² Dura Grating our walkway panels give gritted anti-slip safe access to external fuelling areas, CET stations, wash-plant facilities and other areas.

    d² Dura Grating is exclusive to Dura Composites and has been extensively anti-slip tested using methods far superior to those of other GRP grating suppliers, achieving anti-slip scores of more than 63 in the wet, maintaining low slip potential even after 1.1 million footfalls. Projects we’ve supplied include the Freight and Passenger Safety Improvement Programme (FSIP), where we’ve been helping deliver safer, sustainable walkways for freight operating staff.

    Installed throughout the UK rail network, our non-conductive Driver Access Platforms (also known as GRP DAPs or Driver Hop-Ups) are pre-fabricated at our UK Fabrication Centre ready for rapid installation on site. Our modular designs allow for re-use in multiple locations for maximum efficiency and designs can feature helpful additions such as integrated safety lighting. We also offer a range of other trackside solutions such as embankment staircases, fencing and ballast retention systems.


    A Network Rail compliant structural liquid catchment system, with seamless integration into existing track and walkways, and compatible by design with the Orange Train Wash, an intelligent train cleaning system.

    Dura Envirosump

    A patented (GB2607196) structural liquid catchment system designed to prevent contamination from spillage and leaks during the train washing process. Made from high performance GRP components, Envirosump makes the process of managing excess liquids easier than ever before, as no drainage works are needed.

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    Orange Train Wash

    Orange Train Wash is a small and easy-to-fit intelligent train cleaning system. It offers a new way to maintain your rolling stock which uses up to 98% less water than traditional systems. Manufactured using non-conductive composite technology, units can be installed in as little as 4 days, meaning setup is quick and efficient.

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