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The Dura Deck Inspire Collection

At Dura, we pride ourselves on providing market-leading alternatives to traditional wood decking, with the newest addition to our Dura Deck range being no exception. Enter Dura Deck Inspire, a porcelain decking collection that is unlike other porcelain slabs. Its 1.8m long design not only replicates the classic ‘plank’ aesthetic but also captures the intricate nuances of natural wood grains.

Porcelain side profile in Wren

Long-lasting properties mean minimal upkeep

Porcelain is exceptionally strong, creating resistant decking that is ideal for a variety of applications such as balconies, high-rise applications and terraces. It is also resistant to frost and ice, with practically no water absorption, allowing the planks to withstand dramatic temperature changes without the risk of deformation.

Dura Deck Inspire also holds excellent anti-slip performance in all conditions, making it a safe solution for areas that receive large amounts of footfall, such as commercial pedestrian walkways, and areas prone to wetter conditions, such as spas, pool-sides and a wealth of other outdoor applications. You can be confident that all foot traffic is crossing safely, whilst guaranteeing an attractive deck all year round.

Porcelain decking planks have virtually no disadvantages when compared to traditional timber, but many exceptional qualities to improve safety and reliability.


Perfect for waterside environments

Strong & Durable

Great for heavy traffic areas

A1 Fire-Rated

Ideal for high-rise applications

High Rise Remediation

Replaces combustible timber decking

Reduce the risk of fire-related accidents on balconies​

Balconies are outdoor spaces that can be vulnerable to fire, particularly in urban areas where buildings are close to one other. Our fire-rated porcelain decking can help prevent fires from spreading quickly and causing extensive damage to a building and its occupants.​ If you’re working on remediating non-compliant balconies or terraces, then talk to us.​

Be confident with an A1 fire rating

Dura Deck Inspire is the first ever 1.8m long A1 fire-rated porcelain deck plank balcony solution in the UK, especially suited to applications where the building height exceeds 11m.

We provide an attractive solution for applications where fire safety is of heightened importance. Dura Deck Inspire is completely resistant to open flames and extreme temperatures, with an A1 fire rating, the highest level of fire-rating. This luxury product is perfect for high-rise applications, such as balconies and roof terraces, especially where the non-traditional appearance and light-weight hollow design of aluminium planks may not be desirable.

It can be easily fitted to concrete balconies using Dura’s proven aluminium sub-frame system, but as a market first, Dura Composites has also developed a patent-pending* plank retainer system for installing Dura Deck® Inspire on open steel framed balconies. The retainer enables a floating decking system to be installed under self-weight, without the risk of planks falling should a breakage happen. The Dura Deck Inspire Plank Retainer also helps prevent wind uplift and facilitates the quick removal of the decking for maintenance or similar.

Need to know specifics?

Product Details

Testing Performance

NBS Specification


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Anti Slip Testing

Dura Deck Inspire has one of the best anti slip ratings on the market in both wet and dry. If you’re responsible for the safety of others in your buildings and premises, then your risk assessment should consider all the factors which contribute to the potential for slip accidents, so you can make an informed decision about the best flooring material for your specific needs. Please see the Pendulum Test Values (PTV) below or find out more about our testing.

Dura Deck Inspire ColourWet or Dry TestPrincipal Direction PTV45° Direction PTV90° Direction PTVPTV ResultRisk Level of Slip Potential
WrenDry67687168 Low
Wet59586661 Low
DoveDry68677968 Low
Wet56555856 Low
MerulaDry70687270 Low
Wet69646867 Low


Technical Installation Manual

Dura Deck® Inspire

Technical Information Sheet

Dura Deck® Inspire A1 Plank

The Colour Range

Dura Deck Inspire is available in four attractive colours: Dove, Merula, Wren and Juniper* (*Please note that Juniper is subject to extended lead times and minimum order quantities)

Signature Shark-Skin Texture

Drawing inspiration from nature, Dura Deck Inspire planks boast a signature tactile texture that emulates the sensation of shark skin, offering amazing grip performance in all weather conditions. With a finely raised-grain surface, these deck planks are not only durable and slip-resistant but also provide an exquisite barefoot walking experience.


Decking Accessories

Dura Deck® Inspire has a range of intelligently designed clips and accessories so you can be sure of a simple and efficient way to start, install and finish your decking balcony or terrace design.

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Decking Substructure

Our Dura Pedestals and Dura Bearers can be easily combined to suit all project needs. With 7 different heights of pedestals and 3 different heights of bearers, we provide the most economical substructure combination on the market.

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