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Porcelain Decking

Dura Deck Inspire is our strongest and most elegant range of decking planks yet, boasting an A1 fire rating for a variety of applications

porcelain decking anti slip steps in wren

At Dura, we pride ourselves on providing market-leading alternatives to traditional wood decking, with the newest addition to our Dura Deck range being no exception.

Our porcelain decking range, Dura Deck Inspire, has been expertly crafted to provide a beautiful variegated wood-grain finish whilst maintaining the typical qualities of porcelain planks: achieving the look of traditional timber without compromising on strength and resistance.

Why choose porcelain decking?

Porcelain is exceptionally strong, creating resistant decking that is ideal for a variety of applications. With an A1 fire rating, porcelain decking is completely immune to extreme heat and naked flames, providing the perfect solution for balconies, high-rise applications and terraces where fire safety is of prime priority.

Porcelain decking planks are resistant to frost and ice, with practically no water absorption, allowing the planks to withstand dramatic temperature changes without the risk of deformation.

For a luxury, attractive, practical solution to traditional timber decking, get inspired with our premium porcelain decking planks.

Porcelain Decking Colours

Dura Deck Inspire is available in four attractive colours, Merula, Dove, Juniper and Wren.

juniper decking

dove coloured decking
dove decking swatch

merula porcelain decking
merula decking swatch

wren porcelain decking colour
wren decking swatch

Each decking plank sports variegated lines throughout the pattern, creating a beautiful wood-grain finish to achieve the natural look and feel of timber decking, adding a touch of class and sophistication.

swimming pool decking

The Dura Deck Inspire Collection

The Dura Deck Inspire collection features a different pattern in each plank, making it an exceptional wood-look decking collection with realistic textures and colours. Porcelain decking planks have virtually no disadvantages when compared to traditional timber, but many exceptional qualities to improve safety and reliability, whilst providing the same aesthetic as wooden decking. With Dura Deck Inspire, you can leave mould, decay and UV damage as a thing of the past, spending less time on maintenance and more time enjoying your luxurious new space.

Be confident with an A1 fire rating

We provide an attractive solution for applications where fire safety is of heightened importance. Dura Deck Inspire is completely resistant to open flames and extreme temperatures, with an A1 fire rating, the highest level of fire-rating. This luxury product is perfect for high-rise applications, such as balconies and roof terraces. Be confident in the safety of your decking boards by choosing Dura Deck Inspire.

Long-lasting properties mean minimal upkeep

Porcelain is inherently strong, and our Dura Deck Inspire is no exception. Creating our most resistant product to date, Dura Deck Inspire requires little to no upkeep after the initial installation. The porcelain decking boards boast anti-scratch properties coupled with almost zero water absorption, resulting in the boards being ultra-resistant to the elements, remaining in top condition throughout their lifetime without the need for consistent maintenance.

Porcelain Decking is Contemporary, Elegant and Strong

Not only is it incomparably strong, but Dura Deck Inspire also holds excellent anti-slip performance in all conditions, making it a safe solution for areas that receive large amounts of footfall, such as commercial pedestrian walkways, and areas prone to wetter conditions, such as spas, pool-sides and a wealth of other outdoor applications. You can be confident that all foot traffic is crossing safely, whilst guaranteeing an attractive deck all year round.

Porcelain Decking Supports Sustainability

Dura Deck Inspire planks are produced with 40% of pre-consumer recycled materials. All the raw materials used in the production come from a radius of 500 miles of the manufacturing plant and the products’ paper packaging materials are both made from recycled paper and are further recyclable. Read more on our sustainability credentials.

terrace decking

decking in a waterside application

10 reasons for choosing porcelain decking

Anti-Slip – perfect for waterside environments

Strong & Durable – great for heavy traffic areas

A1 Fire Rated – ideal for high-rise applications

Minimum 60-year lifetime expectancy

  • A1 fire rating
  • Anti-slip in all weather conditions
  • Unbeatable strength
  • Doesn’t scratch, splinter or warp
  • UV colour stable
  • Mould and stain resistant
  • Concealed fixings for a clean premium finish
  • Minimal-to-no water absorption 0.04%
  • Minimum 60-year lifetime expectancy
  • 10 year structural warranty. We warrant that the structural integrity of the product will not fail, under normal conditions, within a period of 10 years from date of purchase

Why Dura Deck Inspire Porcelain Decking

porcelain decking close up
  • Minimum lifetime expectancy of 60 years
  • Ideal wood replacement
  • Barefoot friendly with concealed fixings
  • Environmentally friendly – produced with 40% of pre-consumer recycled materials
  • 10-year structural warranty
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Easy installation that works seamlessly with our aluminium substrate in any outdoor environment


  • Plank length, width and depth: 1800mm
  • Plank width: 200mm
  • Plank depth: 20mm
  • Plank weight: 16.5KG
  • Breaking strength of the planks: > 14.38Kn
  • Bending strength of the planks: 53 N/mm2
  • Slip testing score/rating: “LOW” slip risk
  • Span: up to 600mm @ 5kN/m2
  • Loading: 2.5kN point load
  • A1 fire rating
indoor outdoor decking and flooring
porcelain decking by the pool
use porcelain decking on terracing
decking around a swimming pool and terrace

Feeling inspired? Request a free sample of Dura Deck Inspire today. We’re confident that you’ll love it as much as us!

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