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    It’s crucial to thoroughly assess the pros and cons of extruded tiles versus pressed porcelain tiles.

    When it comes to choosing A1 fire-rated decking for balconies and commercial terraces, you’ll often find two prominent options: hollow extruded tiles and solid pressed porcelain decking planks. These choices cater to diverse needs and preferences, each offering its own set of advantages. To make an informed decision, it’s crucial to thoroughly assess the pros and cons of extruded tiles versus pressed porcelain tiles. Before delving into this comparison, it’s worth noting that as suppliers of Dura Deck Inspire pressed porcelain planks, we may have a slight bias. However, this bias is rooted in our decades of experience in commercial landscaping, where we’ve carefully selected what we believe to be the optimal product for our customers’ specific requirements. In this context, let’s explore some of the reasons why we’ve chosen not to work with hollow extruded porcelain products.

    Hollow Extruded Tile

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    Limited Design Options

    One of the primary downsides of hollow extruded profiles is their limited design options. Extruded profiles tend to feature simpler designs and textures, which can be a drawback if you’re seeking more intricate, realistic or detailed patterns for your space. Solid pressed porcelain tiles like Dura Deck Inspire on the other hand, offer a broader range of design possibilities. Our 1.8m long design not only replicates the classic ‘plank’ aesthetic but also captures the intricate nuances of natural woodgrains.

    Porosity & Water Absorption

    Hollow extruded products often have higher porosity than solid pressed porcelain planks, meaning they can absorb more water. This characteristic makes them less suitable for areas with high moisture levels, and can lead to staining and damage, making extruded planks a less practical choice. Solid pressed porcelain Dura Deck Inspire, with its low water absorption properties, is a superior option in moisture-prone environments, ensuring longevity and easy maintenance.

    Durability & Resistance

    The dense and hard composition of Dura Deck Inspire planks makes them highly resilient, especially in high-traffic areas. In contrast, extruded tiles are generally less durable, they have a much lower breaking strength, making them more susceptible to damage. This is particularly important when considering your installation method as hollow extruded products will be much less suited to the bearer and pedestal or floating floor method than a solid pressed porcelain plank. In terms of span capability, hollow extruded planks will also span up to 50 percent less than their stronger solid pressed porcelain counterparts, meaning you’ll need to invest more in your supporting substructure, adding cost to your project.

    Variation in Quality

    The quality of hollow extruded products can vary significantly depending on the manufacturing process and materials used. Therefore, inconsistent quality (including a slight curvature along the length) is a notable downside, making it challenging to ensure uniformity in appearance. For that reason, hollow extruded decking planks are often installed with large joint gaps to try and minimise the visual issues presented by the dimensional inconsistencies from piece to piece. By contrast, solid pressed porcelain planks like Dura Deck Inspire have a tolerance that’s up to 5 times lower, providing flexibility in design and installation.


    While hollow extruded decking planks have some merits, the downsides, such as limited design options, higher porosity, variation in quality, and less flexible installation methods, make them less favourable compared to solid pressed porcelain decking. We strongly believe that Dura Deck Inspire pressed porcelain planks, with their durability, low water absorption, versatility in design, and minimal maintenance requirements, stand out as a superior choice for high-rise and commercial landscaping areas that demand strong, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing ceramic decking solution.

    Ultimately, the decision between hollow extruded and solid pressed porcelain decking should align with your specific needs, budget, and design preferences, ensuring a flooring solution that meets both your functional, aesthetic and load bearing requirements.

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