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    Discover how to use our porcelain decking as a great backdrop for stunning garden, terrace, balcony and rooftop projects.

    When you are staring at a blank canvas it can be difficult to know where to start. Most designers advise you to start with the hardscaping materials and go from there, and our porcelain decking is a great backdrop for stunning garden, terrace, balcony and rooftop projects. One way to start is by creating a focal point as a great way to draw the eye towards a visual centrepiece, providing a sense of balance and pulling the overall design together. This focal point could be a BBQ, outdoor kitchen or water feature, from which you can then springboard additional decor and lighting to create the aesthetic you crave.

    If you’re new to the principles of garden design, finding the right tone and style to connect your indoor and outdoor spaces can sometimes be challenging . As with interiors, simplicity is key. You can always add more, but if you’ve crammed too much in from the start, it can be hard to pare it back. Luckily, creating a multifunctional area where you can relax, socialise and entertain has never been easier than with our clever porcelain decking, with its natural wood look and stylish variegated tones. Porcelain decking is easy to install, hardwearing, and offers the perfect pallet from which to start building your garden. Choose from one of our four colours; Dove, Juniper, Merula and Wren. From dark to warm, these exquisite tones are the foundation from which you can design your outdoor space the way you want it. Once you have your porcelain planks as your backdrop, play around with the positioning of your chosen furnishings such as outdoor sofa suites, tables, lounge chairs, beanbags or even hammocks. If you find it hard to visualise what will fit where, making templates or marking out with chalk is a great way to get a proper feel for how you’ll navigate around your furniture as you use the space. Once you’ve settled on your furnishings , simply add a variety of different size plants for a natural look, add some statement lighting, and away you go.


    Can you put a fire-pit or BBQ onto our porcelain decking?

    Absolutely. Unlike timber alternatives that, our porcelain planks boast A1 fire-resistant properties, meaning you can rest easy if those sparks spit out onto your new decking. Porcelain decking planks also make a great flooring surface for an outdoor kitchen, giving you all the durability of your indoor kitchen flooring and a surface that’s long lasting and easy to care for.


    Can you put a hot-tub onto our porcelain decking?

    In most cases, the answer is yes.

    Unlike timber or composite alternatives that won’t take the weight, our porcelain planks are inherently strong and can bear heavy loads. Just consult your hot tub manufacturer first and make sure you have a full understanding of the weight of your tub when full of both water and people. Perhaps you want to make a water feature your focal point of your new serene space, or have a pool, but previous timber decking with its slippery when wet and rotting nature has prevented you from achieving that? By using our porcelain decking planks that require little-to-no maintenance, with no specialist products required for upkeep, no risk of UV or water damage, you will be able to achieve that waterside look with decking that will never rot, warp or splinter, and yet maintains a low slip risk no matter the weather conditions.