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    Find Your A-Rated Decking

    With two distinct looks, (but similar characteristics in terms of fire performance), Dura Deck Aluminium and porcelain Dura Deck Inspire are both great choices – particularly when it comes to remediating non-compliant high-rise balconies. But beyond the aesthetics, what else do you need to know to choose between them?




    Our A1 fire-rated porcelain decking is made from a mix of ceramic clay, feldspar and kaolin that’s fired at high temperatures to give great durability and water resistance.Our A2 fire-rated Dura Deck Aluminium is made from T6 grade material, which is most often chosen for applications that require a tough, yet light material. The T6 refers to the temper or degree of hardness. ​


    Our porcelain is designed to look as much like natural timber as possible and has a textured woodgrain finish that’s variegated for an authentic look. It also feels great underfoot and is traditionally installed with a 3mm gap between each plank for a realistic wood deck appearance.Aluminium flooring has a modern and industrial appearance that’s suited to a wide range of building types. Ours has a matt anti-glare finish and a great anti-slip texture.


    Porcelain used for decking is highly durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic. It is resistant to scratches, stains, and moisture, making it suitable for outdoor applications.Aluminium flooring is highly durable and resistant to corrosion, making it suitable for areas with high moisture or chemical exposure. It can handle heavy loads and foot traffic.


    Porcelain tiles are easy to maintain. They can be cleaned with simple sweeping, mopping, and the occasional deep clean with a pressure washer if needed.Aluminium flooring is also low-maintenance. It can be easily cleaned using standard cleaning methods, and its surface is resistant to stains and scratches.


    Installing porcelain usually needs adhesive and grout, but Dura Deck Inspire can be installed using our aluminum pedestals and bearer subframe system, with gaps managed by our unique cross spacers. We've also designed a patent-pending plank retainer for using Dura Deck Inspire on open steel-framed balconies. This retainer allows decking to be installed under its own weight, reducing the risk of planks falling in case of breakage. It also helps prevent wind uplift and makes decking removal for maintenance quick and easy.Installing aluminium flooring involves attaching the aluminium panels to a suitable subfloor. It can be a relatively straightforward process, especially in comparison to using grout and adhesive to install porcelain tiles. Dura Deck Aluminium can be installed using our aluminium pedestals and bearer subframe to create a complete Class A2 fire-rated flooring system.


    Generally, the price of porcelain decking falls within the mid-range to higher-end price spectrum for flooring materials, but this is easily offset by the low labour cost of installation of the Dura Deck Inspire system and the fact that almost no ongoing maintenance is required. Aluminium flooring is generally more expensive than traditional wooden decking options due to its specialised nature, fire performance and durability. It is often used in specific commercial or industrial applications, particularly in the external areas of high-rise buildings where safety considerations are paramount.

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