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    Stadiums & Arenas

    We design, manufacture, and supply lightweight, high-strength flooring panels tailored for high-traffic pedestrian zones in stadiums, arenas, and public venues. Our unique Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) panels excel in transitional stadium seating, concourses, walkways, and bridge decks. Successful projects include demountable, semi-permanent, and permanent seating areas, providing a durable alternative to water-prone plywood, eliminating the need for frequent replacements.

    Our products meet a range of stringent testing criteria.

    Our previous projects include flooring panels to support faster seat reconfigurations between events and which comply with the required standards for weight, loading and safety. Our most popular solution for seating areas is our 40mm GRP Dura Slab which is lightweight for easy handling during installation but has a high load bearing strength. Movement to and from seats presents an area of significant risk in stadium environments, however Dura’s GRP flooring has a robust anti-slip surface that returns an ultra-low slip potential test result in all directions, in both wet and dry conditions.

    For concourse areas which need to be capable of handling extremely high levels of foot traffic, our pultruded GRP panels come in a range of different thicknesses which can be cut or shaped to accept your preferred substrate and fixing method.

    Our products undergo rigorous testing to meet the standards demanded by stadium enivronments. Key tests vary by product but can include:

    • Fire Testing: Adherence to standards such as BS476 Part 7 Class 1 and EN13501 Bfl-S1 ensures fire safety compliance.
    • Anti-Slip Testing: Evaluating surface traction under various conditions is essential for movement safety.
    • Flare Resistance: Assessing resistance to flaring ensures durability and safety in high-traffic environments.
    • Point Load Live Tests: Testing load-bearing capacity under real-world conditions is vital for structural integrity.
    • Pre & Post Flare Test Exposure: Examining performance before and after flare exposure provides insights into long-term durability.
    • Hot Nut Test to BS4790: This test assesses resistance to ignition, crucial for fire safety.
    • FEA Design Analysis: Finite Element Analysis ensures structural integrity and performance under varying loads.

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    Our Specialists

    Our innovative recyclable products can help accelerate the construction of critical infrastructure. Talk to our experienced team about how you can tap into our specialist knowledge and engineering capability for your project.