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    Enhancing safety with non-sparking flooring solutions.

    Ensuring non-sparking flooring safety is paramount in environments where the risk of fire or ignition is high, such as industrial areas, rail environments, stadiums, and arenas. Our cutting-edge GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) innovations are designed to meet the rigorous demands of these environments, offering optimal safety solutions for areas prone to sparking such as: seating, platforms, landings, concourses, and decks.

    Meeting rigorous testing demands.

    At the core of our product development is a commitment to rigorous testing and adherence to industry standards. Our Heavy Duty Pultruded GRP Products undergo a comprehensive range of tests to ensure they meet the highest safety standards:

    • Fire Testing to BS476 Part 7 Class 1 and EN13501 Bfl-S1 standards to ensure fire resistance.
    • Flare Resistance testing to assess the flooring’s resilience against flares commonly used in stadiums, ensuring it is non-sparking.
    • Pre & Post Flare Test Exposure to gauge performance before and after exposure to flare conditions.
    • Hot Nut Test to BS4790 for assessing resistance to heat and potential fire hazards.
    • FEA Design Analysis to ensure structural integrity and durability under varying conditions.

    Whether your project involves industrial facilities, transportation infrastructure, or entertainment venues, our comprehensive testing information guarantees maximum safety and reliability for any environment. With our technical expertise and commitment to safety, you can trust our GRP solutions to meet your specific safety parameters and ensure the safety of occupants and assets in challenging environments.


    Performance Sheets

    Fire Safety

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    Stadium & Arena Flooring

    Structural GRP Flooring Panels for High Footfall Walkways, Seating Areas, Skywalks & Concourses.