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Stadia, Arenas, Theme Parks & Venues

Dura Composites is a manufacturer and supplier of tiered structure stadium decking for seating and platform areas, manufactured from our high quality and corrosion-resistant Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) Dura Slab products which provide an anti-slip, fire-tested and load tested alternative to the traditional plywood commonly used in stadiums and arenas. Our ability to be able to meet a range of stringent test requirements including flare resistance tests and FEA analysis make us the ideal choice for high profile stadium projects.

The ease of workability of Dura Slab structural flooring panels not only allow for future changes to seating configurations, but also improves access to amenities on the concourse.

GRP weighs considerably less than conventional materials, and is easier and less expensive to transport, install and remove. Only simple hand tools are required for installation and removal, eliminating the need for costly equipment and labour costs associated with heavy lifting, cutting and welding equipment.

Dura Composites’ high-specification composition has been rigorously tested to meet the needs of a wide range of assessment criteria for stadia including:

  • Fire Testing to BS476 Part 7 Class 1
  • Fire Testing to EN13501 Bfl-S1
  • Anti-slip testing
  • Flare Resistance
  • Point Load Live Tests
  • Pre & Post Flare Test Exposure
  • Hot Nut Test to BS4790
  • FEA Design Analysis

If you have a project which requires technical support with load criteria or other parameters for seating areas, landing, concourses or decks, we have a comprehensive range of load testing information available to ensure maximum safety for your project.

Working with our in-house structural engineer, Dura Composites can also design bespoke flooring panels to integrate with the existing stadium deck system for fast install with minimum disruption.

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