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    GRP Retail Subflooring

    Safer, stronger, greener and more cost effective than plywood over its 60-year design life, our d² GRP subflooring has been tested and recommended by floor tile manufacturers for high-traffic convenience stores. Easy to install, it provides a long-term flooring solution that minimises maintenance costs, store closures and disruption. It also achieves an embodied carbon saving of 30% versus plywood, making it a more sustainable choice.

    Solve your plywood flooring problems. Don’t repeat them.

    Our patented GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) flooring is a superior alternative to plywood for subflooring in retail stores – particularly those using chiller cabinets. Where chiller cabinets maintain low temperatures to preserve perishable goods, additional air moisture is produced. Whilst plywood has a level of resistance to moisture, it is not waterproof and can warp, swell or rot if exposed to excessive moisture over time – for example from leaking chiller cabinets.

    Tested and recommended by finished floor tile manufacturers.

    By contrast, the GRP d² Dura Retail Subflooring System from Dura Composites ensures ultimate safety and peace of mind by maintaining full structural integrity over its long lifecycle, regardless of any occurrences on the finished floor surface. Our most popular solution utilises our d² Dura Solid Top Grating panels on top of our Dura Profile structural beams. This creates a lightweight but incredibly durable retail subfloor that is easy to install and that dramatically reduces store closing times thanks to its rapid fit capability. We also offer a patented steel framework option to help meet specific weight or modular build requirements. Additionally, our subflooring panels can be installed onto existing substructures.

    Safety or Warranty


    60 year design life, anti-slip, anti-rot and suited to a wide range of loads and spans

    Our d² Dura flooring, made from glass fibers and resin, offers exceptional safety with resistance to moisture, chemicals, and rotting. With anti-slip surfaces and a Class B fire rating, it ensures safety and accessibility. Unlike plywood, it’s water-resistant and can be stored outdoors, saving indoor space.



    Purpose-designed products for exactly the load & deflection criteria we know you need

    Our d² products are stronger than traditional materials, tested for precise load capabilities. With GRP’s inherent strength and durability, our subflooring uses less material without compromising performance. Unlike plywood, our GRP maintains consistent strength over time, perfect for high-traffic retail spaces.



    30% less embodied carbon than plywood AND we’ll recycle any waste for you

    We prioritise sustainability in our product design, reducing carbon footprint without compromising performance. Unlike plywood, our GRP products last up to 10 times longer, minimising waste. With 30% less embodied carbon than plywood and 33% less than competitors, our d² products are eco-friendly.

    In-house Design


    Easy compatibility with the finished floor tile, backed by test data for individual products

    Using our d² GRP Dura Retail Subflooring is a proven cost-saving and eco-friendly choice. Over 40 Tesco Express stores have already benefited from its easy installation and durability. Our in-house tests ensure a flush surface with various floor levels, offering a range of thicknesses to suit different needs.

    Projects & Insights

    Find out how our market-leading composite products and applications are reshaping the industry.

    Testing & Certification

    We provide all the data you need to design and fit your retail subflooring, including load and deflection information that ensures you can determine that your chosen d² flooring product will safely support the intended load, including the weight of in-store shelving, wheeled cages, chiller units and pedestrians.

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