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    Tesco Express Retail Subflooring, UK

    GRP Retail Flooring System

    Project Overview

    Subflooring in retail environments where chiller cabinets are present needs to be extremely durable, otherwise it can weaken, warp, or even rot over time. We have supplied durable GRP subflooring flooring as an alternative to plywood to over 40 Tesco Express stores across the UK, working with experienced retail refurbishment contractors and Principal Contractors. Dura Composites’ solution results in long-term cost savings for supermarket retail chains thanks to its non-corrosive properties, compatibility with the finished floor tile, and long design life.

    Replacing layers of 18mm plyboard with long design-life GRP

    Plywood, a common material in the retail sector, is highly susceptible to ingress of water, which is a major concern when plywood is used below fridges and freezers, as water leakage is common. The methods of trying to add fire-resistance to the ply boards often affects the overall integrity of the material too, resulting in frequent replacement cycles of as little as two years.

    GRP sub-floor suits heavy foot traffic

    By contrast, our closed-cell Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) is more water resistant than plywood, plus is fire-safe, anti-slip and weathers at a consistent rate over its lifecycle without the loss of significant strength, making it perfect for demanding retail applications where heavy footfalls are common.

    Full design and layout from Dura

    Our in-house Design and Engineering team are able to provide a full design and layout for each retail unit’s replacement subframes and flooring system. Our most popular solution utilises our d² Dura Solid Top Grating panels on top of Dura Profile structural beams. This creates a lightweight but incredibly durable retail subfloor that is easy to install and that dramatically reduces store closing times thanks to its rapid fit capability. Although the requirements of each Tesco Express store differs, some of the key specifications we are able to meet include;

    • Achieve a Point Load of PL 3.6kN 50×50 patch to simulate trolley load and 4KN/m² UDL max deflection 5mm
    • Ability to bond finished floor tile (Tested approved with Gerflor/Amtico tiles) to Dura’s GRP
    • Ensure water resistance in case of refrigeration leaks and drink spillages.

    Bespoke testing to meet load compliance

    We have also completed in-house fixing tests to demonstrate the required 3.6kN Point Load compliancy and the ability to achieve a flush surface with (for example) a full Gerflor flooring system install.

    By providing a full design and layout for replacement subframes and flooring system, and by utilising our cleverly engineered d2 Dura Solid Top Grating or Dura Slab combined with our Dura Profile, we’re able to provide a lightweight, easy to install solution, that dramatically reduces store closing times and saves the client money. If you’re a flooring contractor, retail fit-out contractor or a principal contractor looking for design and engineering support and the supply of cost-saving GRP sub flooring, then why not get in touch with us today?


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    Design & Engineering

    We are extremely happy with the GRP retail flooring products from Dura Composites, particularly the light weight nature of the Slab and Profile, that allowed for easy manoeuvrability, which meant much less labour was required. The adjustable pedestals were also a great help when levelling the channel sections.

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    Our innovative recyclable products can help accelerate the construction of critical infrastructure. Talk to our experienced team about how you can tap into our specialist knowledge and engineering capability for your project.