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Composite Decking

Attractive, future-proof composite decking boards for commercial or residential projects

We offer the market-leading alternative to traditional wood decking. Our composite decking boards give you the look and feel of real wood with none of the downsides. So you can create a long-lasting, beautiful outdoor space without the worries (or work) that come with installing timber boards. Fit for the whole family and perfect all year round!

Each of our composite decking boards are designed to provide maximum performance and quality – from today into the future. The unique engineering process, which combines up to 87% recycled wood with hard-wearing plastics, creates a board that does not warp, rot or fade. And our unmatched anti-slip and fire-resistant design means it’s safe for everyone, in any environment.

Unbeatable quality that you can trust

If you’re looking for decking that works in any environment, our composite decking has everything you need. It’s stronger, denser, and more resistant than timber by a mile – making it the best companion for all traditionally decked areas. Don’t believe us? Just order a sample and see for yourself.

Our range of unique, contemporary colours also mean you can create spaces that are totally unique to your style. And the best part is you’ll never need to paint or treat it. It just looks great – from the height of summer to depths of winter.

The composite decking boards we design will never weather – making mould, fungi, rot, and UV damage a thing of the past. And with our patented, screw-less clips and fittings, you can have your decking installed in next to no time. Meaning less time thinking about what could be and more time enjoying your gorgeous new space.

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Why choose Composite Decking?

Anti-slip in all weather

Doesn’t rot or warp

UV colour stable

Up to 87% recycled

Composite timber decking (sometimes called WPC decking) is a unique blend of recycled plastics and wood materials that create a strong, durable, beautiful-looking alternative to timber.

The reinforced properties mean that composite decking has a host of advantages over timber, which make it a far more suitable option for creating a gorgeous outdoor space. It’s hard-wearing, strong, lightweight, and ultra-resistant to the elements, ensuring it looks its best from installation onwards. The unique composition also gives our composite decking an advantage in slip, fire, and mould resistance – protecting the space, and the people that use it, for decades!

You may not believe us when we say that composite decking boards have virtually no disadvantages when compared to timber decking – but it’s true! Our boards look and feel exactly like wood, so you can create an outdoor space that looks traditional, but does not suffer from any of the drawbacks of timber.

Say goodbye to fixing, brushing, wiping, staining and painting; with high-quality composite materials, you’re guaranteed a deck that looks perfect all-year-round, and only requires the minimal amount of maintenance to look its best.

Decking Product Comparison

1.4kN @ 0.5% Deflection (BS 6399-1: 1996)Fire Resistance Class CWater Absorption (0.5% OR LESS)Minimal UV Colour Fade (Min Grey Scale C)Woodgrain Surface
Dura Deck® Composite Decking
Other Co-extruded Composites
Soft Wood Decking
Hard Wood Decking

The Dura Difference

Demonstrable Quality

Our composite decking boards are designed to the highest specifications, offering best-in-market looks and durability. You won’t find better quality materials anywhere else.

Great Value

Looks perfect for decades, so you never have to think about costly replacements, repairs or treatment. Support from quotation to installation ensures your dream deck matches your vision.

Unrivalled Expertise

We’ve been perfecting our composite decking formula for over 25 years, so we know what it takes to create a board that looks gorgeous and performs in all environments. Trust the experts to make your project a reality.

The eco-friendly alternative to wood decking

Unlike our competitors our decking boards are created with up to 87% recycled materials, guaranteeing an environmentally conscious product that champions sustainability. That’s why we were the first composite manufacturer to be recognised by the FSC™ for our commitment to the environment – with our timber being sourced from naturally sustainable sources.

And due to the 25+ year service life of our decking, we are cutting out the constant use of natural materials for exterior projects. This is helping to create a better, more eco-friendly environment for everyone!

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Is Composite Decking really worth it?

If there’s one area that composite decking boards can’t compete with timber, it’s in price. Because composites are highly-engineered they are always going to cost more than wood materials for your outdoor projects. But that doesn’t mean they’re not worth it.

Beautiful composite decking from Dura is an investment for the future. So while the initial outlay might be more than timber decking, you could end up saving £1000s over the course of your decking’s life. And there are a few reasons why…

No need for painting, staining or treating

With traditional timber decking, you’ll end up spending £100s, year after year, on solutions that help keep your deck looking fresh. With composite decking, you’ll never have to spend another penny on overpriced treatments. It will always look brand-new.

Forget costly repairs or renovations

Unlike timber, composite boards do not split, rot or splinter, meaning they’ll never need costly repairs or replacements over their life cycle. And to prove our commitment to quality, we offer a minimum 10 year warranty on our boards.

Add value to your home

It has been proven that by adding composite decking to your outdoor space, you can increase the overall value of your property by nearly 5%. So if you ever decide to move, you can be sure that your composite decking choices will pay off!

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