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    Dura Deck Flip Resist by Dura Composites features a Bfl fire-rating and is compatible with Broof(t4) schemes, the highest fire classification for roofs. It meets the BS EN 13501-1:2018 standard with a Euroclass Bfl – s1 rating, offering a safer, durable, and low-maintenance alternative to wood. Installation must comply with Building Regulations and fire safety guidelines.

    Dura Deck Flip is gaining prominence in the industry thanks to its ability to work with Broof(t4) schemes.

    Dura Composites specialises in creating high-quality decking products tailored to meet even the most demanding of specifications, ranging from high-rise or multi-occupancy buildings requiring fire-certified materials to high-performance decking suitable for the majority of commercial landscaping projects. One of our flagship products, Dura Deck Flip Resist with its Bfl fire-rating, is gaining prominence in the industry thanks to its ability to work with Broof(t4) schemes, leaving most traditional wooden decking products behind the curve.


    BROOF(t4) is the highest performing fire classification for a roof system, and plays a critical role in ensuring the safety of buildings, meaning fire is less likely to penetrate a building through the roof. This is crucial for limiting the damage caused by a fire and protecting occupants. Achieving a BROOF(t4) classification often requires the use of fire-resistant materials and construction techniques. This may include the use of fire-retardant coatings, flame-resistant membranes, and other fire-resistant components in the roofing system such as an aggregate layer to serve as a fire barrier.

    Specific specification requirements can vary based on individual building and fire engineering needs. A Broof(t4) build up could for example consist of 50mm gravel or >80kg/m2 sand/cement screed to a minimum of 30mm, along with a Class B fire-rated decking such as Dura Deck Flip Class Bfl installed on an A2 or better structure, such as the Dura A2 Bearer and Pedestal System.

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    BS EN 13501-1:2018 Fire classification

    The classification system defined in BS EN 13501, which Dura Deck Flip is tested to, has become the primary recognised standard in the construction industry. The process for classification under this standard involves a combination of up to five rigorous tests designed to assess the product on a range of characteristics, including combustibility, heat levels, flame spread and smoke release. Once tested, the product receives an official classification of its fire rating, known as a Euroclass rating. Untreated wood typically has a Euroclass rating of E or D, whilst Dura Deck Flip Resist Bfl has undergone rigorous testing to meet the BS EN13501-1 Bfl – s1 standard. This means it serves as an excellent alternative to aluminium or slabs and in many cases can be applied to both roofs and terraces* as part of a BROOf(t4) system.

    The Ideal Timber Alternative

    Not only does Dura Deck Flip Resist Bfl offer impressive slip-resistant ratings, but it also boasts exceptional durability, making it a long-lasting and reliable decking material. For those seeking the beauty of timber planks without compromising on safety and performance, Dura Deck Flip Resist Bfl is an ideal choice. Please note that it is the responsibility of the client and contractor to ensure that your planned design is fully compliant with Building Regulations and complies with the latest fire safety guidance at the time of specification and installation.

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