A2 Fire Rated Aluminium Cladding

Contemporary non-combustible cladding for applications over 11 metres

Our aluminium cladding products have been created to give developers, contractors and homeowners a safe, beautiful wood-look cladding system. The lightweight metal cladding boards are easy to install and maintain, and the 60-year service life means they won’t need replacing for decades. However, the real power of our new cladding system is its market-leading A2-s1 d0 fire rating, making it suitable for building applications over 11 metres or 4-storeys in height, or any project where an A2 fire rating is required by law.

With the ban on the use of combustible cladding on high-rise buildings set to be extended to cover all buildings with four or more storeys (or +11 metres in height) under plans the government is putting out to consultation, our A2 cladding is the perfect choice.

The aluminium cladding planks are made from high-grade and fully recyclable T6 material, guaranteeing strength and durability that doesn’t weigh a ton! Our innovative design features a flush surface, similar to that of a traditional wooden plank, and comes in stunning, contemporary colours including cedar, anthracite, mist, and canvas.

Installation can be done quickly and efficiently thanks to the tongue and groove design, without the need for fixing clips, and our colour-matched aluminium trims and metal substructure – all of which are A2 fire rated for maximum safety.

6 reasons to choose fire rated aluminium cladding

Government approved fire rating

Our metal cladding meets the Class A2-s1 d0 fire rating in accordance with BS EN13501-1:2018, perfect for applications over 11 metres.

Easy to install

The innovative flush design makes each board easy to fit together, with no fixings, saving installation time and costs.

Stain resistant

Each of our aluminium cladding colours are completely stain resistant and low maintenance, meaning you’ll never have to treat or paint the boards.

Fade resistant

Unlike other materials, our non-combustible cladding resists UV damage and fading for the duration of its life cycle, requiring minimal maintenance.

Resist expansion

Dura Cladding Aluminium resists expansion, even in hot temperatures, making it a sleek, contemporary option for any application.

Environmentally friendly

Dura Composites’ products are sustainable and eco friendly due to their long lifecycle. Our aluminium cladding is also 100% recyclable.

Outstanding fire performance

British Standards and European codes use different grading systems to class the fire performance of materials, which can result in confusion across the industry. We aim to cut through the jargon.

Some of our competitors may regularly reach a Class B rating when tested specifically with certain fire rated barriers but fail when following their own installation guide.

To ensure that you get the safest aluminium cladding product available, we test our cladding and decking in the correct planes and against genuine install conditions, rather than being fixed to a fire rated barrier such as a calcium silicate backing board.

When you choose Dura Cladding Aluminium or Dura Deck Aluminium for your residential or commercial building applications, you can have confidence that they satisfy current and future fire legislation, with thoroughly tested materials.

Understanding UK Government Regulations

When considering the suitability of the cladding materials used on your project it’s critical to first understand the latest regulatory guidance issued by the local government. In the UK all buildings have a minimum fire rating specification based on the height of the building, which is required by law.

The Building (Amendment) Regulations 2018 states that building work shall be carried out so that materials which become part of an external wall are of European Classification “A2-s1, d0” or “A1”.

These classifications are taken from BS EN 13501-1:2018, Fire classification of construction products and building elements – Classification using test data from reaction to fire tests. Other fire test methods and national classifications (typically specified in the BS 476 series of documents) are no longer recognised when selecting materials for residential buildings over 18 metres; BS EN 13501 is the only route to compliance.

BS EN 13501-1 provides the reaction to fire classification procedure for all construction products, including products incorporated within building elements. Products are considered in relation to their end use application. BS EN 13501-1 separates these types of products into three categories, which are:-

  • Construction products, excluding floorings and linear pipe thermal insulation products;
  • Floorings;
  • Linear pipe thermal insulation products

Although the government banned the use of combustible materials in the external walls of new schools, hospitals, care homes, student accommodation and for residential buildings of more than 18 metres in height in December 2018, they are now consuting on plans to go significantly further, by lowering the 18 metre height threshold to at most 11 metres.

Our aluminium cladding, Dura Cladding Aluminium, successfully is designed to achieve the classification of A2-s1, d0, in recognition of its low smoke volume and the absence of droplets in the event of a fire.

These attributes, combined with its limited contribution to flame spread mean that if a building was ablaze, firefighters’ visibility would be less impeded, increasing response speed. In addition, the unique composition of Dura Cladding Aluminium prevents spontaneous re-ignition when the source of the flame is removed – further enhancing its safety properties.

The combustible materials ban applies whenever building work is within the scope of Building Regulations i.e. new construction and refurbishment projects. It will also apply when a building not currently within the scope of the ban undergoes a change of use that means it falls within scope, at which point the external walls should be brought in line with the new requirements. Dura Cladding Alumninium offers the perfect solution for building rainscreen cladding 11 metres and above.

Our aluminium cladding product range

Dura Cladding Aluminium is available in 5 attractive colours and is perfect for any residential or commercial application – specifically for high-rise apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, universities, or other publicly funded building projects. Our product fits together quickly and has a flush design, making it easy for contractors to install at any height, and our market-leading A2 fire rating, in line with government recommendations, ensures a safe, fireproof cladding system for all applications.

Dura’s aluminium cladding comes with a 20-year warranty, subject to proper maintenance and care, and has a 60-year design life. If you choose our metal cladding system, you’re guaranteed to have a safe, cost-effective exterior for years to come. For more information on installation, please request a copy of our supporting technical guide.

Unique Fireproof Battens

While competitors may offer fireproof cladding planks, their trims and battens are not fire resistant. This is a clear area of weakness in the event of a fire, which could lead to falling planks or dripping, completely negating the fireproof benefits of A2 rated cladding products!

For this reason, Dura Cladding Aluminium is unlike any other cladding on the market. We supply an A2 fire rated aluminium batten to create a fully A2 rated system – something you won’t find anywhere else!





Copper Effect*

*Special Order Only – Please call us directly to discuss your requirements.

Product benefits

  • Future-proof solution for any application
  • Unrestricted use on buildings over 11 metres
  • 8kg/m2 for easy installation and transportation
  • Doesn’t retain heat, unlike other metal cladding
  • Perfect for retrofitting existing cladding
  • No need for touch up paint
  • No concealed fixing clips used
  • Looks attractive and modern in any colour
  • Easy to maintain and clean – no treating required
  • 20-year warranty with +60-year service life
  • 100% recyclable at end of life
  • A2 rated battens for complete safety

Our commitment to the environment

Unlike traditional materials, including timber and some metal alloys, our aluminium cladding is 100% recyclable after its 60-year service life, making it a perfect choice for installers looking to reduce the environmental impact of their project. And as aluminium naturally lasts longer than other cladding products, it doesn’t need to be replaced as frequently, also making it cost effective.


Can aluminium cladding be painted?

Most aluminium cladding can be painted with metallic paint if desired, however, this can negatively impact the fire safety of the exterior wall cladding. Dura Cladding Aluminium is available in attractive colours and finishes, each of which are fire resistant, adding an extra layer of safety.

Why use aluminium cladding?

Unlike some traditional materials, aluminium offers outstanding fire resistance, which makes it a safe and attractive option for a range of applications. Although the UK government banned the use of combustible materials in the external walls of new schools, hospitals, care homes, student accommodation and for residential buildings of more than 18 metres in height in December 2018, they now plan to go significantly further, by lowering the 18 metre height threshold to at most 11 metres or 4 storeys, under plans currently in consultation. Dura Composites can support your building project by helping to design out the risk, to ensure that your building will comply with both current and future building regulations using our A2-s1 d0 fire rated cladding planks.

How is aluminium cladding installed?

Rainscreen cladding is usually fixed to battens and trims which hold it against an exterior wall. Each plank is then screwed or clipped into place to achieve either a flushed or weatherboard effect. Our aluminium cladding utilises an innovative tongue and groove design which allows each plank to lock together without the need for concealed clips or fixings, offering a clean, uniform look. Please ensure that you choose a cladding suppliers whose fire testing has been conducted in conjunction with their installation method. Don't trust any supplier who tests to one method (i.e. on a calcium silicate backing board) and then recommends that you install to a completely different method!

How to clean aluminium cladding?

Dura Cladding Aluminium won’t fade, stain or rot meaning that very little maintenance is required. All that’s needed to keep our cladding looking great is the occasional scrub or pressure wash.

Is aluminium cladding flammable?

Like other metals, aluminium is not naturally flammable, which is why it is often used for exterior cladding. That said, some paints and battens, which are used to fix the cladding to the wall, can be – negating the fire resistant benefits of metal cladding. Dura Cladding Aluminium is paired with A2 fire rated battens and fixings, ensuring maximum safety of the cladding system.

How to fix aluminium cladding?

Our cladding comes with a 20-year manufacturer warranty. Provided that the boards have been well maintained and taken care of, if they ever need fixing all you have to do is let us know and we’ll ensure they get back to looking their best.

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