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    Renewable Energy

    Not only do our d² GRP products contain up to 33% less embodied carbon, but they’re also recyclable at end of life. In fact, we’ll do it for you at our UK HQ! We’ve supplied a vast range of solutions into the renewable energy sector, such as safety ladders, access structures, trench covers and walkways.

    Years of dedicated design engineering.

    GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) already supports the goals of green energy, offering low lifecycle costs thanks to its maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant characteristics. However, not all GRP is created equal, and that’s where our d² innovation comes into play. Years of dedicated design engineering have resulted in a product that not only enhances performance and safety but also contributes to sustainability by reducing embodied carbon.

    The impact of d² designs is substantial, having already saved over 5 million kilograms of CO2. Taking our commitment further, we’ve developed an innovative method to repurpose end-of-life and waste products right here in the UK, adding another dimension to our sustainability commitment.

    Whether your project needs GRP access structures for safe maintenance access to plant equipment, or safety handrailing, ladders, raised walkways, trench covers, or heavy-duty GRP composite beams, we have a solution tailored for you. Our heavy-duty GRP Composite beams known as Dura Profile, offer a low carbon footprint alternative to steel, combined with high strength, making them ideal for creating or supporting structures.

    If your renewable energy project requires machine access structures, or stepover access systems, we also have a range of standard duty fabrications available for you to configure and price instantly.


    Find out how our market-leading composite products and applications are reshaping the industry.

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    Our Specialists

    Our innovative recyclable products can help accelerate the construction of critical infrastructure. Talk to our experienced team about how you can tap into our specialist knowledge and engineering capability for your project.