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    Years of extensive research and rigorous live and simulated testing.

    Leading global supplier of composite grating, walkways, access structures, profiles and risers Dura Composites has recently launched a brand-new online tool that will help unlock the world of composite products for a vast range of architects, engineers, project managers, contractors and designers. The result of years of extensive research and rigorous live and simulated testing, the online GRP Data Analysis Tool (Power of Composites) joins the new range of d² Dura Grating and is available now on the website to help those within the rail industry to make fast and accurate decisions about the right product specification for their projects.

    When considering trackside walkway floor grating for example, users can choose their preferred product surface type (standard mesh, mini mesh or covered) and then crucially, can input data relating to their project to narrow down their choice of product. The selections include the clear span dimension, the type of load (Point Load or Uniformly Distributed Load), the maximum load requirement, the allowable deflection criteria (measured as a proportion of the span ie L/200 or 0.5%) and also the fire rating required. These filters ensure that the resulting product selections meet the needs of the project specification.

    Once a range of suitable products have been identified, detailed product information can be accessed immediately such as drawings, dimensions, load tables and graphs unique to these products. The selected span and load criteria can be downloaded into a neat professional document for analysis and approval. Users can also compare products across the Dura Composites range with the click of a button, with easy to interpret graphs collated into a single view. BIM data files which feature product information can also be downloaded from the tool, allowing architects and specifiers to streamline the design, build and maintenance process to save time and money.

    Explore and specify products with ease.

    Lightweight GRP beam sections have been an enigma for many years, with many clients seeing their potential uses in construction but not able to confidently specify their use due to a lack of referenceable data. Now, for the first time, users will be able to confidently select a GRP Dura Profile beam section based on whatever traditional beam may already feature on a drawing. The specific Steel or Timber beam type and size can be selected from a drop-down list, the load criteria chosen alongside the span, and the Analysis Tool will generate which d² GRP Dura Profiles meet or exceed the performance of Steel or Timber and will even provide the safety factor data too.

    Notable is the ability to compare GRP from other suppliers with the next generation d² materials from Dura. According to live test data, d² Dura Profile has an average Tensile Modulus of more than 31GPa – far exceeding the requirement of 23GP set out by the stringent E23 European standard within BS EN 13706. This means that d² Dura Profile is on average 88% stronger than other GRP profiles. The result is that a smaller, lighter and more cost-effective profile section can be used such as a 50x50mm Box section as opposed to 64x64mm size – saving 20% in weight.

    Recent winners of the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in the category of innovation, Dura Composites has a strong reputation for product innovation, quality and performance, as well as technical expertise. To help those who are new to the field of composites, this new tool also features a Materials Properties section which allows users to delve into detail regarding each product range and the Property Comparison tool allows visitors to compare how Dura Composites materials compare against more traditional materials used in construction as well as against typical composite materials from other suppliers. These include specific strength, tensile strength, expansion, electrical resistivity, and thermal conductivity.

    Available now, the GRP Data Analysis Tool is a key milestone in celebrating 25 years in business for Dura Composites. In that time, the business has pioneered the design, manufacture, and usage of composite products to unlock its capabilities in businesses from construction sites to marinas, to rail platforms and homes and gardens. This new and truly innovative tool is the next step in their business journey – providing an accessible platform for users to instantly access all the information they need, significantly reducing research time and promoting safety.

    Read more about our GRP Data Analysis Tool

    The Interactive Product Selector represents 3 years of extensive research and development from our design team and experts at the Faculty of Science and Engineering at ARU, and will provide invaluable assistance at all stages of the project lifecycle for our clients. From initial market feedback we can see that with the incredible depth of information available, specifiers and architects can be more confident finding the most appropriate composite products for their projects – that meet the performance needs of their specific application.

    Stuart Burns

    Managing Director at Dura Composites