Dura Cladding | Flush

Flush Cladding for Residential and Commercial Properties

Dura Cladding for houses or commercial buildings is available in a range of colours, widths and styles to suit both contemporary and traditional projects and has been used by a vast array of architects and homeowners to create stunning building facades.

Try out our Cladding Calculator

Like any savvy person, when you decide to update an aspect of your home or business, you want to find the best deal that works for you. You want to know how much to clad a house or commercial building? Well, with our free cladding calculator, it’s easy to work out how much your new cladding is likely to cost.


  • Choose which type of Dura Composite Cladding planks you are interested in
  • Then enter the approximate elevations of the areas you wish to cover, not forgetting to allow a percentage of wastage
  • The cladding calculator will determine everything you need to complete your project – from accessories to end caps, fascia trims, and starter trims
  • Get in touch with our specialists to further your enquiry