Dura Cladding planks

Attractive, future-proof composite timber cladding for low-rise commercial or residential projects

What is Dura Cladding?

The right exterior wall covering, whether on a new build or renovation project, can have a dramatic impact on a building’s appearance and can provide both warmth and instant kerb appeal.

Dura Cladding composite timber cladding is ideal for any domestic or low-rise commercial, new build or refurbishment cladding project as a colour-stable alternative to real timber planks.

Made from a unique combination of recycled wood and plastic, our highly developed and unique composition combines the traditional appearance of wood with the durability of an engineered composite.

Dura external wood cladding, enhanced with composites, offers considerable advantages to architects, contractors, self-builders and end-users, including:

  • No need to paint, seal or treat the cladding
  • Simple installation using standard tools
  • Rot, splinter and warp resistance
  • Contemporary and traditional design options
  • A 15 year warranty and 25 year expected service life
  • UV Colour stability
  • Full range of trims and accessories
  • Available as FSC® Certified
The Dura Cladding product range


Offices & Factories
Private / Public Buildings
Sports Complexes
Architectural Fascias
Commercial Premises
Hospitals & Healthcare Buildings
Outbuildings & Workshops


High Strength To Weight Ratio
Permanent Colour
Rot, Splinter, Warp Resistant
Easy Installation
Weather Resistant
Simple Cutting And Site Install
UV Colour Stable
FSC® Certified
No Knots


Colour Stable
No Painting And Staining
No Specialist Skills Required
15 Year Warranty
Euro Class Bfl-S1 Certified
Only Requires Standard Tools
Looks Good Through Lifespan
Eco Friendly
Few Wasted Planks

External cladding for houses or commercial buildings  is available in a range of colours, widths and styles to suit both contemporary and traditional projects and has been used by a vast array of architects and homeowners to create stunning building facades.

Dura Cladding Resist is available in a Weatherboard style in 180mm planks. Our wood cladding products require no painting, treating or costly maintenance and are available as FSC ® 100% certified, thanks to their unique blend of recycled wood and durable plastic.

Made from hard-wearing and low-maintenance composite timber, we offer  a 15 year warranty, all our composite cladding has an expected 25 years’ service life.

We also have a range of free samples available to send by post, so you can check the product meets your specifications or your end client’s requirements before making an investment. To request a product sample, click here.

The difference between Flush and Weatherboard Cladding

Composite cladding can give any low-rise building an instant style update and Dura Cladding from Dura Composites is currently supplied in a weatherboard style to suit most project requirements with a next-generation range of flush being released during 2020. Flush external wood cladding planks are fitted together with no overlap between the planks, creating a modern and contemporary finish.

By contrast, Weatherboard external cladding, for houses or commercial property, is designed to be laid with an overlap and is usually used to provide a more rustic look. Also known as shiplap or featheredge cladding, weatherboard cladding planks are often used for properties located in conservation areas or to give a decorative finish to barn conversions or industrial units. Dura Cladding Resist Weatherboard is available in 6 colours, Mahogany, Pebble Grey, Red Cedar, Larch, Weathered Cedar and IPE.

What style of Cladding do I need?

When it comes to searching for exterior wall cladding, you’re likely to come across a number of different terms, some of which actually refer to the same style of cladding. To clear up any confusion, and to help you make the right decision for your project, we’ve included some info below on the different profiles available:



Weatherboard cladding (also known as featheredge) is designed to be laid horizontally with an overlap. It’s ideal for applications where a traditional appearance is preferred, such as barns, outbuildings, lodges or domestic properties and is available as Dura Cladding Resist in a range of colours.



Featheredge is simply another term for weatherboard cladding, and is designed to be laid horizontally with an overlap. Again, it’s ideal for those seeking a traditional appearance for their barn, outbuilding, lodge or domestic property.



Unlike weatherboard cladding, flush cladding has modular fixings that enable the cladding to be flush to the wall. It has a much more modern appearance than weatherboard cladding, our next generation range of flush boards will be available during 2020. Ask us for more information.



Shiplap cladding essentially offers the same surface appearance as flush cladding, which is favoured for more modern applications. Our next generation range of flush boards will be available during 2020. Ask us for more information.

Dura Cladding has a traditional wood appearance, long lifespan and is 100% FSC® certified

Our external wood cladding planks use a unique recycled timber and plastic composition and is developed to provide the very best of both worlds; an attractive appearance with a 25 year design life and low maintenance costs when compared to natural wood. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Available in a variety of colours and finishes

Our composite cladding planks are available in a variety of colours, to complement their natural appearance. From pebble grey and larch to more earthy tones like teak and cedar, there is an option to suit every application. Whether for low-rise commercial or domestic use, or new build and refurbishment projects, our external wood cladding planks are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and temperature ranges, thanks to their extremely durable plastic composite.

Composite Cladding | Resist

Our cladding planks are available in six colours. To check colour availability for product types, please visit the product range page. Colour samples are available on request, or for large orders, bespoke colours can be specified.

Dura Cladding Resist in Mahogany

Dura Cladding Resist in Pebble Grey

Dura Cladding Resist in Red Cedar

Dura Cladding Resist in Larch

Dura Cladding Resist in Weathered Cedar

Dura Cladding Resist in IPE

Please note that colours shown are representative only; actual colours may vary slightly. Whilst Dura Cladding is colour stable, there will likely be some initial colour lightening as the product weathers, which typically occurs in the first 3 months.

Our manufacturing process results in a high level of colour consistency although some variation in colour may be apparent across planks from different production batches.

Frequently Asked Cladding Questions
Can you paint composite cladding?

Yes, of course you can. However, it’s important to understand that most off-the-shelf paints will not be fire-rated and can negate the safety aspect of composite cladding. Our high-quality Dura Cladding Resist is available in 6 contemporary colours that won’t fade or stain, meaning that they’ll never need painting or treating, and is fire-rated to Class B, making it a safe option for a range of applications.

How to install composite cladding?

Composite cladding can be fixed to a sub-structure by a team with some basic hand tools, making the installation process quick and easy. Our composite cladding is ultra-lightweight and does not require clips of fittings, making the process even faster.

How to cut composite cladding?

Like traditional timber cladding, composite cladding can be easily cut with basic tools. This can be done on-site, before installation.

How to clean composite cladding?

Most composite cladding can be cleaned with a water and soap, or a jet wash if it gets really dirty. This is all it needs to keep it looking at its best.

How long does composite cladding last?

Unlike traditional timber cladding, composites have a long service life, without the need for maintenance or replacement. Dura Cladding Resist, our premium offering, has a 15-year warranty and a 20-year service life with proper up-keep.

What is composite cladding made of?

Composite cladding is made from a unique blend of wood and plastic, creating a strong, durable material with excellent performance benefits.

Is cladding fireproof?

If cladding is made from timber or plastic, it’s generally not fireproof and does not meet the new standards set out but the government. WPC cladding and aluminium cladding do have fireproof properties due to their composition, making them a more reliable, safer alternative to traditional materials.

Dura Cladding planks is made using a highly developed extrusion process and has a unique timber and plastic composition. Made from recycled polyethylene polymers, recycled ground hardwoods and engineered additives, Dura Cladding is an attractive, low maintenance solution.

Dura Cladding, from Dura Composites, is a low maintenance timber composite alternative to traditional wood cladding. Ideal for new build and refurbishment projects, Dura Cladding looks and feels like timber and its unique formula provides lightweight yet durable cladding that will not splinter, warp, rot or fade throughout its 50 years design life expectancy. This introduction and 'how to' guide highlights the features and benefits and shows how easy it is to use Dura Cladding to transform the exterior of any building.

Dura Cladding is available in both flush and weatherboard styles and in 4 widths from 150mm to 300mm 'face' coverage. Weatherboard is ideal for a more traditional appearance and is often used on barns, outbuildings, lodges and sheds. The Flush range have modular fixings enabling them to be flush to the wall. This video allows you to learn more about Dura Cladding.

Dura Cladding is available in both flush and weatherboard styles and in 4 widths from 150mm to 300mm 'face' coverage. Weatherboard is ideal for a more traditional appearance and is often used on barns, outbuildings, lodges and sheds. The Flush range have modular fixings enabling them to be flush to the wall. This video allows you to learn more about Dura Cladding.

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