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Dura Aluminium Bearers

The Perfect Substructure for all your Dura Decking | A2 fire-rated and height-adjustable support pedestals and bearers

Available in 3 sizes – 25mm, 50mm and 75mm
Height-adjustable support pedestals & bearers

Aluminium Dura Bearers offer a simple and long-life decking substructure solution for gardens, balconies and large commercial projects. Unlike timber subframes, which can twist, rot or warp over time, Dura Bearers are made from 6063 grade aluminium (T6) and have a greater strength-to-size ration than traditional materials.

Available in 3 sizes (25mm, 50mm and 75mm), Dura Bearers can be installed directly onto hard surfaces, such as concrete or paving, as well as onto soft surfaces such as soil, sand or grass, (provided the area has been compacted and bricks, pavers or concrete slabs are placed beneath the bearers at suitable intervals).

When combined with our Dura Pedestal range as a complete A2-fire rated system, they can be used on sloping or uneven ground with gradients of up to 10 Degrees- which is equivalent to an amazing 1:6 fall!


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25mm Aluminium Bearer
50mm Aluminium Bearer
75mm Aluminium Bearer

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