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Renewable Energy

GRP is widely acknowledged as a material that has major advantages over more conventional options such as wood, steel and concrete. It is less energy-intensive in development and offers a great strength to weight ratio and superb lifecycle, making it well-suited as a material for us in the renewable energy sector.

Also known as fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) it is already extensively used in wind turbines, where its excellent fatigue strength, resistance corrosion and minimal maintenance make it a compelling choice.

Dura Composites offers a range of product solutions for the renewable energy industry such as GRP access structures to enable safe maintenance access to plant equipment by on-site personnel as well as box and key-clamp handrailing, ladders and raised walkways.

If your project requires machine access structures, or stepover access systems, we have a range of standard duty fabrications available for you to configure and price instantly.

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