Anti-Slip Floor Sheets

Fibreglass anti slip floor panels and floor sheets can transform slippery areas | Dura Tread

Designed to be installed over new or existing structural members of steel, timber, concrete or aluminium based floors, Dura Tread provides a quick and economical anti-slip flooring solution.

Made from durable GRP, typical applications for Dura Tread 5mm anti slip floor panels include floor systems, walkways, work platforms, stair ramps and catwalks. Dura Tread fibreglass floor sheets have been successfully used in many industries – including food processing, beverage, chemical processing, water and waste treatment, metal finishing, pulp and paper, transportation, pharmaceutical manufacturing, textiles, oil and gas and mining, smelting and refining.

GRP Gritted Dura Tread Solid Plate Anti-Slip Flooring has been designed for use in applications where durability and a long, maintenance-free life are critical.


  • Industrial Flooring
  • Bridge Surfacing
  • Entrance Walkways
  • Temporary Flooring


  • Fast Installation
  • Economical
  • Anti-Slip Surface
  • Improved Appearance


  • 5mm thick
  • Up to 3000mm long
  • Up to 1220mm wide

Dura Tread Solid Plate

Dura Tread safety flooring is designed to minimise risk and provide safe movement in high risk areas. It can be used as temporary flooring and as a protective covering for existing structural flooring.

Anti-Slip Dura Tread Puktruded Fibreglass Solid Plate Flooring is available in 5mm thick sheets as standard, with other thicknesses also available by special order.


DuraTread Gritted Solid Plate

GRP DuraTread Gritted Solid Plate Flooring has been designed for use in applications where durability and long, maintenance-free life is crucial. As a flooring GRP DuraTread Gritted Solid Plate is usually installed over existing substrates to provide solid walkways, or to extend the life of high traffic areas. Anti-Slip DuraTread Fibreglass Solid Plate Flooring can also be bolted directly onto structural beams, or used as wall panels that are resistant to corrosive splash when ordered with an ungritted surface. Standard Panel Sizes: 3m x 1m x 5mm and 2.4m x 1.2m x 5mm

British standard slip resistance test results

Angular Quartz is integrally bonded to the top surface, which produces an extremely long-lasting hardwearing surface. This gritted anti-slip texture has one of the highest degrees of slip resistance ever measured for a walking surface. The B.S. 4592 test was devised to test and assess the slip resistance of industrial type flooring intended for use in water and wet areas. A co-efficient of friction (CoF) is calculated by determining the mean angle of inclination that an operator can safely maintain when the flooring is subjected to a continuous stream of water.

Dura Composites achieves outstanding slip resistance results versus alternative materials such as metal grating or chequer plate.

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