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GRP Stair Tread Covers

We offer a range of Dura Tread non-structural stair tread covers, gritted plates and stair nosing strips, which provide quick and cost-effective solutions to improving safety in potential slip hazard areas where the underlying structure is sound. Dura Tread covers are easy to install to existing concrete, wood or steel stair treads using a mechanical stainless steel fixing or general purpose adhesive to provide a highly visible, robust and durable slip resistant walking surface.

There are several different widths and colours available depending on your application requirements, all of which meet the highest demands in both safety and durability. The high visibility nosing highlights the leading edge of the step, and the low profile characteristics of the Dura Tread Cover allows it to be fitted to new or existing metal, concrete, or timber steps whilst only increasing the overall step height by 5mm.

Dura fibreglass stair tread covers, floor sheeting and stair nosings are precision engineered anti-slip products, designed to provide a sure footed and safe solution for fitting over an existing slippery surface. The integral bonded grit produces a long lasting and hard wearing surface ideal for covering and making safe slippery walking surfaces such as metal, wood or concrete.

Dura Tread Stair Cover
Length: 3660mm
Width: 345mm
Thickness: 5mm
Weight per linear metre: 3.99kg
Clear span: N/A Cover only

GRP Nosing Strips

Dura Tread Nosing Strips can be applied to a variety of stair tread materials such as concrete, wood, chequer plate or GRP grating to help mitigate the risk of slipping, tripping and falling.

Quick and easy to install, Dura Tread Nosing Strips have a tough anti-slip gritted surface and are available in both Yellow and White to maximise visibility of the stair edge.

Each piece is 1830mm long as standard and the profile dimension is 55mm x 55mm with a thickness of 4mm which complies with the requirements of BS8300:2:2018.

Choose Dura Tread anti-slip strips for a quick, cost effective solution to improving safety in slippery or hazardous areas, and for areas used by the public.

Dura Tread Stair Nosing Strips

Length: 3660mm
Width: 55mm x 55mm
Thickness: 4mm
Weight per linear metre: 2.56kg
Clear span: N/A Cover only

GRP Anti-Slip Strips

Super-fast and easy to install, these 50mm strips can provide additional grip to almost any surface to give you peace of mind. Whether it’s for timber pontoon decking, lakeside walkways, outdoor steps or access ramps, our gritted strips can be affixed to your existing floor surface to help mitigate the risk of slipping, tripping or falling.

Dura Tread Anti-Slip Strips are available in black, yellow or dark grey and can be easily combined for easy demarcation of transitional areas, differing floor levels, or to maximise visibility against the existing structural flooring material.

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