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Dura Cladding | Flush | Fixings and Accessories

Once you’ve selected your product type and colour, it’s time to think about fixings and accessories. Below are our range of fixings and accessories including starter and finishing trims and fascias to give your cladding a clean finish.

Our Cladding Accessories

Dura Cladding accessories can be used to complement your existing Dura Cladding. For more information on how to install your product, click here to view or download the Installation and Technical manual.

Starter Trim

Our Starter Trims ensure a professional, clean look for your composite cladding. These are installed before the cladding planks, to ensure structural stability.

Internal, External, Corner and Expansion Trim

Internal, External, Corner and Expansion Trims provide a professional finish whilst allowing the composite cladding to expand and contract with the changing environment.

Finishing Trims

Our range of complementary Finishing Trims can be cut to size to suit window or door frames.

Trim Insert

The Trim Insert allows for quick installation, ensuring a neat finish to your cladding project. These are screwed into the cladding planks and cover any unsightly fixings.

End Caps and Plugs

Our Ends Caps clip in easily to the end of cladding planks to give your cladding a clean edge.

Fascia Trims

Fascia boards can be easily incorporated into any design and allow for the creation of a maintenance free roofline. Fascia trims are available in Cedar, Barn Black, Charcoal and Teak  in 230mm x 9mm (shown here), and in Grey in 140mm x 10mm (not shown here).

Our Cladding Colours

Our cladding planks are available in five colours. To check colour availability for product types, please visit the product range page. Colour samples are available on request, or for large orders, bespoke colours can be selected.





Please note that colours shown are representative only; actual colours may vary slightly. Whilst Dura Cladding is relatively colour stable, there will likely be some initial colour lightening as the product weathers, which typically occurs in the first 3 months.