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The Sustainable Choice*

Class B Fire Rated

Easy Install

60 Year Design Life

GRP composites can provide major design flexibility, time saving benefits and significant lifecycle advantages over traditional materials used in the retail industry such as plywood, and steel. Recent clarification of key standards areas such as fire performance have made them more accessible than ever and the advanced nature of composites makes them inherently suitable for retail infrastructure projects which need to be carried out swiftly with minimum disruption to the client’s business.

All of Dura Composites’ advanced composite materials offer vast benefits including a superb strength to weight ratio, lightweight, non-corrosive and non-conducive properties and a long low-maintenance lifecycle.

Our work in the retail sector encompasses heavy duty exterior public walkways around superstores and modular car parks as well as projects for interior shopfitters as a replacement for rotting plywood sub flooring which is prone to extreme degradation when used in chiller cabinet areas. Where a long-performance flooring with minimal ongoing maintenance is required, GRP solid top Dura Grating or Dura Slab offers a cost-effective solution, and our technical sales team can provide details of individual point load compliancy for our products to meet the needs of your project.

* GRP, the Sustainable Choice | Plywood has a staggering 180% more embodied carbon than that of our GRP equivalent from the materials alone, that is before considering multiple installation emissions.

With an average store size of 200m2, convenience stores typically replace plywood floors every 3 years as they are highly susceptible to ingress of water from fridge and freezer leakage, which causes delamination and degradation of the product. By contrast, our d2 GRP Solid Top Grating has a design life of 60 years with an embodied carbon value of 83.7kg CO2e/m² and does not require regular replacement. Over the same lifetime as GRP, plywood is replaced nearly 20 times, resulting in an embodied carbon value of 237kg CO2e/m².

In the average store, GRP offers a material saving of 30 tonnes in embodied CO2e over plywood.

The Advantages of GRP over Plywood for Retail Applications

Plywood has been a common material for subflooring within the retail sector, but as composite GRP materials advance, plywood is no longer the best material for these applications.

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Our Retail Flooring Case Studies

Modular Car Park Flooring

Our car park deck solution uses rapid-install GRP Dura Slab panels. The durable modular flooring system improves project efficiency and reduces maintenance burden.

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Relevant Products & Applications for the Retail Sector

Our Industrial Team

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