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Road Barriers and Blockers

Made from our GRP Dura Slab Panels and Structural Dura Profile components, our demountable fibreglass roadblocks offer security for vulnerable areas.

Dura Composites GRP Road Blockers can be used to protect pedestrians and vulnerable areas where anti-terrorist measures or enhanced perimeter security are required.

Made from high-strength but low weight GRP, they are easy to manoeuvre into position and can offer protection to access points of critical infrastructure and public places including airports, oil & gas, government buildings, data centres, military bases and stadiums.

The fibreglass posts can be erected as permanent structures or alternatively can be installed into pre-prepared sockets on the pavements or wherever the barriers are required and treated as demountable road block barriers.

Demountable road blockers and barriers are more pleasing to the eye than traditional concrete or steel roadblocker alternatives and take up far less space, making them ideal for scenarios where permanent defence barriers are unacceptable for reasons of visual intrusion or loss of amenity.

Dura Composites has designed a heavy duty Pultruded fibreglass post in the region of 320 mm x 275 mm which incorporates a rolled steel I-beam 254mm x 146m within the GRP structure, creating immense strength. The post has an “oval” profile and is fitted with a domed top cap. The appearance is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and safe as the posts have no sharp corners and the fibreglass lateral barrier are virtually integral with the oval shaped posts. Road block barriers are commonly up to 1.2 metres high in modules of 0.6m high panels.

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