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    Commercial Vehicle Flooring

    Maximising the ratio of strength to weight, our commercial vehicle flooring panels are made from our d² GRP structural panels and provide enhanced durability and resistance to corrosion in the challenging conditions of road freight. Available in both mesh and solid formats which are lightweight but load-rated, they contribute to reducing vehicle weight, thereby improving fuel efficiency.

    The durable alternative to marine grade plywood.

    We offer a wide range engineered flooring for commercial and road fleet vehicles, made from our cost-effective composite panels. As well as supplying some of the best-known commercial vehicle body builders in the industry, we’re so confident in the performance of our solutions, we’ve installed them on our own Dura Composites vehicle fleet to help reduce our transport costs and carbon emissions.

    Fire-rated and anti-slip, our GRP products offer a more durable alternative to marine grade plywood and Buffalo board, and unlike wooden solutions are not prone to rot or water ingress.

    They’re also lightweight but high-strength. We offer two main solutions: d² GRP Dura Grating panels with an open mesh or solid surface, or for the heaviest duty requirements, our d² GRP Dura Slab is a cheaper and lighter alternative to steel grating. The gritted anti-slip surfaces are truly proven to last and our comprehensive testing shows that they maintain 95% of their anti-slip performance even after an incredible 1 million footfalls. Both variants allow for easy installation and handling to maximise the efficiency of your commercial vehicle build and ongoing operation.

    Panels can be pre-cut in-house using our advanced CNC machines to save time and labour on your project.

    If you need phenolic grating, we can also offer this (subject to extended lead times). Phenolic grating provides the ultimate performance where fire resistance and low smoke toxicity are critical and is engineered to withstand prolonged fire exposure without sustaining structural damage.


    Find out how our market-leading composite products and applications are reshaping the industry.

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    d² Dura Grating

    Designed, developed and manufactured by Dura Composites, unique d² Dura Grating offers a 33% weight…


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