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    Woolston Eyes Footbridge, Cheshire, UK

    GRP Footbridge Decking

    Project Overview

    The restoration of Woolston Eyes Footbridge, an entrance to a beautiful nature reserve, involved replacing the aging wood with durable GRP Mini Mesh Grating. Peel Ports recognised the bridge’s heritage value and commissioned Salvesen for the upgrade.

    Rotting timber replaced with safe & durable GRP

    Woolston Eyes Footbridge gives access to the serene nature reserve that is a real treasure trove of stunning landscapes with vibrant wildlife. This incredible feat of Victorian engineering has been at the heart of this local community and has also previously been nominated for awards due to its heritage status.

    Fit for the future using composites

    The pedestrian bridge is a three-span cable-stayed bridge and is thought to be the oldest surviving bridge of its type in England.

    Peel Ports highlighted this large historic footbridge for an upgrade and contracted Salvesen to remove the wood and replace with our long-lasting GRP Mini Mesh Grating.

    Delivered on the doorstep in no time at all, Salvesen were able to install the 45mm Mini Mesh with ease as the 4m lengths of GRP replaced like for like the previous 4m timbers, using a simple Dome Washer as a strong, quick fix. This enabled them to provide a long lasting solution and restore this historical masterpiece to its former glory in a matter of days.


    Salvesen UK


    Peel Ports


    Mini Mesh in Sand


    Specialist Cutting
    Fabrication & Build
    Design & Engineering

    I’m proud that we could deliver this project with incredible speed and accuracy. Our large stock availability sped up installation time and allowed Salvesen to create a sturdy solution that the local nature lovers of Woolston can enjoy.

    Dean Fuller

    New Business Manager at Dura Composites

    Woolston Eyes, Woolston, Warrington, UK

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