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    Robroyston Rail Station, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

    GRP Rail Station Platform on Steel Substructure

    Project Overview

    The adoption of Dura Composites GRP Steel/Hybrid system facilitated the construction of this new station’s 150-metre platforms using scheduled route possessions, owing to its modular lightweight components. The system incorporates built-in height adjustment to accommodate any potential future settlement (a feature that was put into practice recently with excellent results at Seven Sisters station). The station’s construction cost came to a total of £14 million and was completed within the scheduled timeframe and budget.

    Two 150m GRP Dura Platforms on steel substructure.

    Robroyston is situated just within the Glasgow city boundary, approximately four miles from the city centre, along the Glasgow Queen Street to Cumbernauld line. Not only has the station’s design and modular construction process resulted in significant savings for the public funds, but it has also provided valuable insights for future rail projects of a similar nature. The Transport Secretary hailed it as an outstanding example of effective partnership collaboration.

    That’s because Dura Platform is a ground-breaking and award-winning composite solution that’s tried and tested. With tens of thousands of linear metres already installed on the UK rail network, GRP Glass Reinforced Polymer Dura Platform addresses a myriad of challenges thanks to its low-maintenance, modular, lightweight, and height-adjustable structure.

    Robroyston station featured two brand new platforms constructed using the Dura Composites recommended hybrid GRP and steel solution which is designed to meet the requirements of Network Rail standard NR/L3/CIV/030 and combines the strength of a steel foundation with a GRP Dura Platform 40 surface.

    Dura Platform not only improves safety with anti-slip surface options but also incorporates built-in water management, integral lines, optional integrated lighting, and snow melting capability. Remarkably, these enhancements come with comparable or even lower overall project costs than traditional concrete alternatives. The platform has incredible durability and anti-slip properties which maintain up to 95% of their slip resistance after a million footfalls (tested to BS 7976-2:2002+A1:2013).

    AmcoGiffen were responsible for delivering the design and build works for the development, with funding for the station coming from Glasgow City Council, Network Rail and the Strathclyde Partnership for Transport.

    In choosing the GRP/Steel system from Dura Composites (GRP Dura Platform and steel trestles), the platform installation for the project was able to take place largely while the line was open, minimising the impact on customers.

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