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    Seven Sisters Rail Station, London, UK

    GRP Platform Re-Gauging

    Project Overview

    Following the installation of Dura Platform at Seven Sisters Overground Station in 2019, it took just 24 hours to regauge two Dura Platforms to the meet the requirements of track renewals 3 years later in 2023. An incredible achievement, made possible by the combination of the patented GRP Dura Platform panels and the adjustable Mountbridge™ system from Hammond ecs ltd.

    Track renewals don’t mean the platform has to stay out of gauge.

    Seven Sisters is a National Rail, London Overground and London Underground Victoria line station in the Seven Sisters area of the London Borough of Haringey, north London. After essential track renewal work to keep services running safely and reliably, the platforms were out of gauge.

    Our adjustable platform upgrade system put to the test.

    Having previously installed the Dura Platform 40 in 2019 with interim offsets, Principal Contractor Hammond was able to utilise their flexible Mountbridge™ design featuring Dura Platform GRP panels by raising the platform to meet the new track PTI requirements. Keeping passenger disruption to a minimum whilst maintaining safety, this combination of GRP Dura Platforms and Mountbridge™ System is the only solution of achieving these kinds of developments.

    X and Y movement by +90 and -60

    In a perfect scenario, station platforms would be uniformly straight, featuring consistent heights and offsets, accommodating a single train type, and eliminating the need to account for dynamic gauge requirements. However, the reality is that the majority of stations don’t meet these conditions, so allowance for adjustability and the ability to actually perform it in a real world scenario are paramount. At Seven Sister, the X and Y of both platforms were moved by +90 and -60, bringing them back into gauge in just 24 hours, keeping passenger disruption to an absolute minimum.


    Hammond (ecs) Ltd


    London Overground


    Dura Platform


    Design & Engineering

    Platform re-gauging and open for passengers in just 24 hours!

    Seven Sisters station in North London faced platform gauge issues after essential track renewal. Using the flexible Mountbridge™ design and Dura Platform GRP panels, Principal Contractor Hammond adjusted platform heights to meet new track requirements efficiently. This adaptable solution minimises passenger disruption, demonstrating the effectiveness of the system in real-world scenarios.

    Seven Sisters, Seven Sisters Road, London, UK

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