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    Park Gate, Birmingham, UK

    GRP Screening

    Project Overview

    The Park Gate development in Birmingham is a modern apartment complex that features a shared rooftop terrace with privacy-enhancing mesh screening made from GRP Dura Grating. Additionally, on the Northern Elevation’s first level, GRP Dura Grating is utilised as a lightweight alternative to glass for a balcony balustrade.

    A degree of privacy whilst maintaining adequate levels of lighting.

    The Park Gate development at Lyndon Place is a modern development of contemporary apartments located in the heart of Birmingham. Set over five floors, the project converted a former office block into a residential space.

    The building is visible from a number of vantage points and has long been considered a local landmark. Due to its proximity to attractive local parkland, a shared roof terrace with seating and planters was constructed as part of the build, featuring mesh screening in a bespoke colour made from Dura Composites GRP Dura Grating which provides privacy for residents, whilst retaining the stunning views over the surrounding area. The rest of the rooftop houses telecommunications equipment and masts. Again the use of GRP Dura Grating screening panels helps to soften the appearance of the building whilst allowing visual glimpses of the roof terrace planting from a distance.

    GRP Dura Grating forming a balcony balustrade.

    On the first level of the Northern Elevation, GRP Dura Grating has also been used to form a continuous balcony balustrade to provide visual interest to the building. Whilst in the original plans, the screening was made from glass, the glass dead load proved to be too high and was generating a substantial shear force and bending moment on the existing concrete edge beam. These loads were greater than the design capacity of the edge beam, so a substantial weight reduction was necessary. The use of lightweight but high strength GRP Dura Grating was far more suited to the existing structure and offered a greater degree of privacy whilst maintaining adequate levels of lighting.

    Ungritted grating panels are touch friendly.

    For this project, Dura Composites manufactured a bespoke colour run of smooth (ungritted) black 38mm Standard Mesh Dura Grating in panels of 2480mm x 1220mm. Now available with a Class B fire rating as part of our d² product range, the open mesh construction permits continuous airflow and can be used as a safe and durable alternative to metal, thanks to its excellent non-conductive properties. The panels are easily cut and fabricated to suit conditions on site without the need for hot works permits, or Dura Composites can also deliver to site already cut for even more rapid installation.


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    Standard Mesh 50mm


    Specialist Cutting

    Dealing with Danielle and the Dura Composites team was a real pleasure from the start. The product samples we requested were with us the very next day and they assisted us at all stages of the project with designs and pricing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and look forward to working with their excellent GRP product range again on future projects.

    Matthew Burrow

    Construction Consultant at BPG

    Park Gate, Coventry Road, Birmingham, UK

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